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Endodontics Course In Delhi

Conservative And Endodontics Modules (24 Modules)

Course Duration : 2 Months

Module 1
Demonstration and hands on of access cavity preparation of anterior , premolar and molar on extracted tooth and canal location.

Module 2
Working length determination using apex locator.

  • Demonstration and hands on of Cleaning and shaping of canals using step back technique in maxillary and mandibular teeth.

Module 3
Demonstration and hands on of Lateral Condensation Obturation.

  • How to obturate open apex using roll cone technique

Module 4
Role of Intracanal Medicaments, Sealers and Irrigation in endodontics.

  • Patient allotment

Module 5
Clinical diagnosis in endodontics.

  • Use of RVG in endodontics

Module 6
Prevention and Management of fracture of instruments and ledge formation

Module 7
Prevention and Management of Perforation , horizontal and Vertical root facture.

Module 8
Demonstration and hands on of Posterior Class 1 and Class II Composite restoration

  • Difference between Self etch and Total etch bonding system.

Module 9
Demonstration and hands on of Anterior Class III , IV, V Composite restorations.

Module 10
Demonstration and hands on of Hand Protapers on extracted tooth.

Module 11
Demonstration and hands on of Vital tooth Bleaching

Module 12
Demonstration of Non Vital tooth Bleaching ( Walking Bleach )

  • Home Bleaching using trays

Module 13
Demonstration and hands on of Diastema Closure.

Module 14
Drugs in endodontics

Module 15
Direct and Indirect pulp capping

  • Different materials available including MTA

Module 16
Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis and Apexification

Module 17
Retreatment In endodontics.

  • Demonstration of GP removal

Module 18
Demonstration and hands on of Fiber Post system.

  • Different Core build up materials and techniques

Module 19
Demonstration and hands on of Custom cast post.

Module 20
Demonstration and hands on of Rotary endodontics using different systems

Module 21
Management of dental traumatic cases

  • Fragment Reattachment

Module 22
Demonstration and hands on of Rubber dam placement.

Module 23
Tooth Jewellery

Module 24
Practice management to boost your practice.

Material Worth Rs 10000 Given To Each Student :

  • EndoTraining Kit – Dentsply
  • Jaws with typhodont
  • DG-16 (Endodontic Explorer)
  • Endoblock (Dentsply)
  • Endoaccess Bur
  • Endo Z Bur
  • Spreader (15-40)
  • K Files 8 No – 1 Packet
  • 10 No – 1 Packet
  • 15-40 – 1 Packet
  • 45-80 – 1 Packet

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