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Fertility Treatment in Delhi- it is more than IVF!!!

Delhi in India has always been a great destination for medical tourism. In a new addition to its status, Delhi has also gained status as one of the most preferred places for fertility treatment.

The question comes what makes Delhi as one of the attractive places for fertility treatment?

The national capital of India, Delhi, offers great amenities to the fertility patients along with the world-class infrastructure.

Let me categorize it in two separate aspects:

1. Treatment:

Whenever we think of assisted fertility treatments, one word comes to mind directly- IVF.

Generally, IVF is referred to as “test tube baby” treatment.

But are the fertility treatments restricted to IVF? The answer is no.

Delhi provides a wide range of fertility treatments in addition to IVF.

Treatments like IUI, ICSI, IMSI, FET, assisted hatching, etc. are available at different centers with world-class infrastructure and at an affordable cost.

2. Facilities:

Delhi offers a lot of amenities to the fertility patients to make sure that fertility patients coming are at ease for their stay. Some of the major are:

1. Availability of international airport

2. Great transport facility in the form of local metros

3. Easily available residence at affordable price

4. Majority of people speak English, so communication is easy

It’s time to see the different fertility treatments in Delhi.

IVF treatment in Delhi:

IVF has been a game-changing discovery in the field of assisted reproductive treatments.

In IVF, the eggs of the woman are artificially fertilized with the male partner’s sperm in a petri dish in specialized laboratories. After fertilization, best embryos developed are selected and transferred to the uterus of the woman so that she can conceive a pregnancy.

Talking about the success rate with IVF treatment in Delhi, the successful pregnancy rate is 50% (approx.) and live birth rate it is around 40% for women of age less than 35 years of age. If the female is of age more than 35 years, then the success rate reduces further.

Also, there is no guarantee of success with a single IVF cycle.

Now there comes an important question, what if IVF treatment is unsuccessful.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss other fertility treatments available in Delhi apart from IVF which can be employed in case if IVF treatment fails.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment in Delhi:

IUI is generally carried out before going for IVF as it is a more natural process as compared to IVF. But if the female is more than 35 years of age, it is generally prescribed to go IVF rather than IUI. This is because of the fact that the success rate is higher.

IUI includes the infusion of sperm from the male accomplice into the female’s uterus around the period of ovulation.

IUI Process:

Initially, the lady is screened. When she is ovulating, the male partner is asked to create a sperm test, set up that in the lab to choose out the best sperm, and after that, the selected sperm is put into her uterus.

The success rate with IUI is not so appreciable. It is around 12 percent for a single attempt.

This rate is only if other factors such as the lady must ovulate, her fallopian tubes should be normal, and the sperm should be more or less normal.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) treatment in Delhi:

ICSI is a sort of IVF, typically utilized in situations where a man has a low sperm tally or poor sperm motility.

With standard IVF, roughly 100,000 sperm are placed in with each egg in an incubator where the expectation is that one sperm will fertilize each egg. Whereas in ICSI, a solitary sperm is infused into the egg.

The entire process for the couple is the same as of IVF. It is only the manner in which how the sperm and the eggs in the lab are combined that is different.

ICSI in a lady younger than 35years of age has a success rate of up to 50 percent however it is critical to know whether centers are citing the results of having a successful pregnancy or of live birth rate.

In ladies who are 40 years old or more the possibility of having a child is just one out of 20 with ICSI utilizing her own eggs.

With ICSI, couples have in any event a one-in-three possibility of getting pregnant and having a child.

Frozen Embryo Transfer treatment in Delhi:

Many couples opt to have additional embryos developed during IVF or ICSI solidified so that they can utilize these frozen embryos later on in case their first IVF or ICSI cycle fails.

Also, these frozen embryos can be used if the couple opts to expand their family in the future.

In frozen embryo transfer, couples have one embryo transferred at a time in one cycle and others solidified. Doctors prescribe this for couples with great quality embryos.

It is important to keep aside any myths regarding frozen embryo transfer, as the success rates with frozen embryos are the same or superior, compared to fresh embryo transfer.

IVF using donor eggs in Delhi:

IVF success rates are dependent on the age of the lady. Once a lady achieves 40 years of age, the IVF success rates are decreased. In such a case, a few couples opt for donor eggs.

In IVF with donor eggs, the procedure is actually the same as in IVF apart from that the donor experiences ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval.

The donor eggs are then mixed with the male accomplice's sperm and the embryos developed are moved into the lady's uterus.

Other health problems such as obesity and PCOS in women also make it difficult for women to conceive with their own eggs. Hence, using donor eggs is the option available to try in such case.

On the overall, amidst the rapidly changing ecosystem of the fertility treatment, Delhi is constantly evolving to offer an intuitive experience at every point of interaction to both the visitors and the medical frater