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FUE hair transplant in Chennai

FUE Hair Transplant in Chennai

Hair loss has been a major concern for the past few years in India. More and More people are facing this problem of major hair loss. Although in the initial years, only men used to undergo this problem. But due to various issues and problems, even females are been affected by extreme hair loss.

This issue can now be solved with the help of a treatment called hair transplant. In the past few years, this treatment was identified as an expensive treatment as there was less competition and also the clinics were very less in most of the cities of India. Common people were not educated with this treatment as they used to think that this technique can only be affordable by celebrities. But now this myth has been faded away as more and more people both men and women are opting for hair transplant in order to stop this problem from getting major.

Hair Transplant in India, especially in Chennai has emerged to be the hub for good clinics and doctors. People from all around India as well as people from abroad are travelling to Chennai to undergo a hair transplant. The main reason for people being attracted towards Chennai for hair transplant is the affordable nature. The hair transplant cost in Chennai is much cheaper than other metro cities in India. Although cheaper than other metro cities, the service offered by different hair transplant surgeons in their clinics does not compromise on the service. The best and latest techniques are used to carry out a hair transplant procedure.


FUE Hair Transplant

FUE also known as (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the best and the most preferred technique not only by the patients but all the hair transplant doctors across the globe. FUE hair transplant has been a highlight as compared to other hair transplant techniques available in the market. Almost all doctors are trained in performing FUE hair transplant.

But before jumping into the cost and benefits of FUE, lets us first brief you as to what exactly FUE hair transplant is.

As we had earlier mentioned that FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. This is the most common type of hair transplant technique which is generally used in case of baldness level which is in 3 or 4 level. This technique is a much safe and affordable process.

In this technique, grafts from the back of the scalp are removed and implanted in the area of baldness which is the patient is suffering from. You might have this question as to why the grafts from the back of the scalp are extracted from all the available area?

So the answer is that the grafts which are at the back of the scalp are permanent in nature. Although it is removed, it starts to grow again even after it has removed. This the best part of FUE. Compared to FUT this is a much better surgical treatment of hair transplant as grafts are removed in case of FUE and not a strip is removed which is done in case of FUT hair transplant.

Benefits of FUE

There are a number of benefits of FUE as compared to other transplants available. Following are the main benefits of FUE hair transplant.

  • No visible scarring even wearing short hair
  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged as of 2 weeks after the treatment
  • FUE Hair Restoration ensures  a natural looking result using 'true' and natural follicle units
  • Natural looking hairline guaranteed. In the case of the crown area, we recreate the natural swirl using identical angulation and direction.
  • Recovery days instead of months as no scalpel or stitches are used in the treatment
  • Treatment without any major trauma for the body
  • No pain during or after the treatment so you can return home just after the treatment
  • Local anaesthesia is used, similar to dentist anaesthesia.


FUE hair transplant cost in Chennai

Cost of FUE hair transplant is available at a pretty low cost. Let us know the per graft costing of FUE hair transplant in Chennai.

You might be wondering what is the cost of FUE hair transplant in Chennai? Let us give you a summary and make you aware as to what exactly is the cost of FUE hair transplant. The minimum cost of FUE hair transplant in a clinic ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 2,25,000 based on the clinic.

Advancements of FUE hair transplant in Chennai

The FUE has been emerging over a period of time. The latest FUE hair transplant is the latest robotic transplant. Robotic Hair Transplant is a part of FUE hair transplant. This has been the latest technological advancements in the field of FUE hair transplant.

Robotic FUE hair transplant is the use of robot in order to undergo hair transplant. This is an expensive treatment option in order to solve the baldness problem.

Why Chennai is the preferred location for FUE hair transplant?

So from the above information it is clear that FUE should be selected for treating baldness. Chennai has now become the hub for many people for hair transplant. The success rate of Chennai is pretty high that is the reason not only the locals but also people from across the world travel to Chennai for hair transplant.