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Getting chemotherapy in India

Chemotherapy, also known as “chemo”, is one of the cancer treatment that kills the fast growing cancer cells. Sometimes, it slows down the growth of cancer cells and other times, it stops the growth of the cancer cells.


Chemotherapy can be used as the only treatment, before surgery, after surgery, palliative or in combination with any other treatment like surgery and radiation therapy.


While chemotherapy is one of the expensive treatment in the medical field, it is also the widely used treatment for the cancer.


The question arises is why the cost of chemotherapy is so high?

Well, chemotherapy involves heavy medical equipment whose costs are sky – high. Also, the hospitals have to provide necessary facilities to treat the patients. Even the basic facility can cost humongous making it one of the costliest treatment.

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Being an expensive treatment not everyone can meet the cost of chemotherapy. But everybody wants to get the treatment at the best hospital with the best facilities leading them to suffer financial crisis.


Everybody wants to get the best treatment at the most affordable cost. India is a country that not only provides affordable treatment but also provides quality care.


The cost of chemotherapy in India is ₹56,000 ($800) to ₹2,80,000 ($4,000) per cycle.


If we compare this to other developed countries, then cost of chemotherapy is very less. In countries like US, the cost of chemotherapy is approximately $10,000 which is exceedingly high as compared to India.


The number of cycles you will receive depends on many factors like,

  • Type of cancer
  • Stage of cancer
  • Status of your health
  • Reason of giving chemotherapy – cure cancer or control cancer.

Generally, a patient may be given 4 – 8 cycles.


Now let us discuss what makes the cost of the treatment in India so low?

The major reason that makes the treatment so affordable is the Indian currency. The Indian currency is weak against pounds, dollars, etc. which makes the cost of living lower. That is why, you will get the same treatment at a lower cost.

Now let us discuss the quality treatment in India.

While you choose any place for the treatment, you consider few important things like the hospital, doctor, cost of the treatment and facilities provided.


The reasons why you should choose India apart from the affordable cost have been listed below.

Experienced doctors:

The doctors in India are highly experienced and have deep knowledge of their respective fields. They have treated a large number of patients with great success rates. They have done their studies and research in the best international institutes.



Getting chemotherapy in India is similar to getting quality treatment at any other best cancer hospitals in the world. They have the same equipment and infrastructure as any other best hospital in the world. You will get all the advanced treatments here.



A person getting chemotherapy will want the best facilities provided to him or her. Well, in India, you will get all the facilities that are of international standards. You will also get customised services on order.


These reasons make India one of the most visited medical destination for chemotherapy. A huge number of international patients visit India for the treatment every year. In India, the success rate of chemotherapy is very high which again makes a major reason for people to come here for chemotherapy.