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Hair Transplant Techniques and Cost in Delhi

Hair transplant procedure

Baldness has become the reason for frustration; not only to middle-aged people but also to youth. Men in 20s are suffering from hair loss with an unexpected amount of hair fall and are looking for hair loss treatments. But the question is, are people satisfied with whatever hair loss treatment they are into? Do they get results? If not then what is the solution? - Hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant in Delhi has become the trend as well as the necessity. Hair transplant is always said that it is for the people who are in the industry where things like glamour, looks and impression are at peak but there are people who have no option left after trying all the hair loss treatments and desperate to have their old life back.

Hair transplant is nothing but taking hair from the back of the scalp and implanting it on the bald region of the scalp. Hair transplant has evolved so much that it can be used to repair eyebrows, have a desired beard and moustache. If there is not enough hair on the scalp, the hair from other body parts can also be transplanted.

All this is possible because of the following techniques of hair transplant:

  1. FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is one of the oldest techniques of hair transplant. Here, the strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp. Then from this strip, hair grafts are extracted. Then these hair grafts are implanted on the bald region where the incisions to insert those grafts has been already made.
  2. FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction is the most preferred and popular hair transplant technique. Here, instead of removing a strip of skin, each hair follicular unit is extracted one by one, manually or with the help of tools like NeoGraft tool. These hair grafts same as FUT procedure are implanted after incisions are made.  
  3. DHI: Direct Hair Implantation is the modern technique of performing hair transplant. Here extraction is the same as FUE but the implantation of hair follicles is done by a patented DHI implanter. Here the incisions are made before implantation, using the implanter pen the hair follicles are implanted by directly releasing them inside the scalp.
  4. Robotic: Robotic Hair Transplant is done by a robotic system. The robotic arm takes care of making incisions around the hair follicular unit proportionally so that it can be extracted easily by the surgeon.

After understanding various techniques, now you might raise a question "But what about the cost?"

The cost of hair transplant is can be determined if you will understand the factors which contribute to the cost of hair transplant in Delhi.

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Factors contributing cost:

  • Baldness level: Based on how bald are you, the cost depends.
  • The technique chosen: Every technique has its prerequisites which control the cost.
  • Experience of the Hair Transplant surgeon
  • Number of grafts required: Based on the baldness level, the number of hair grafts required to be transplanted is decided. Hence, the cost also changes accordingly.

Hair transplant in Delhi costs around Rs.30 - Rs.65 per graft.

For 1000 grafts, Rs.30000 - Rs.100000,

For 2000 grafts, Rs.60000 - Rs.130000,

For 3000 grafts, Rs.90000 - Rs.195000

Now you know about the techniques and cost of hair transplant, be confident to take the decision about this hair loss solution. If any doubt, enquire or you can research well before proceeding with hair transplant treatment.