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Hair Transplant techniques available in Visakhapatnam?



Many people who are affected by the hair loss the most prime reason for that is the genetic or hereditary baldness. But there is an environmental factor too, that accelerates the hair loss problem and one need to have a reliable treatment to sort out the issue of Hair Loss.

Finding the best place to receive the Hair transplant in Vizag is always being a tough task due to higher cost and an increasing number of demands to get the restoration procedure done in India.

When it comes to modern hair transplant methods, there are two primary methods for extraction of hair follicles:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

These two methods are similar, these both offer completely natural-looking results.

The transplant process is identical: Each hair follicular graft is placed naturally one by one in the recipient or thinning areas.

However, there are differences between the two methods to consider when deciding which method is best for you.

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Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE hair transplant method is a popular procedure for men.

 FUE or “Follicular Hair Extraction” involves removing groups of healthy hair follicles or “grafts” from the back of the head and placing them into the bald or thinning area.

By using short-term anesthesia, the FUE transplant procedure minimizes the patient discomfort, even when extracting and implanting up to 3000 grafts.

This allows for fast recovery and minimal scarring, meaning that the patient can keep their hair as short as they want in the future without any scar tissue showing.


Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT hair transplants often referred to as the ‘strip method’, features the extraction of a strip of skin from the scalp. This is typically taken from the healthiest area of growth, which is often the back or sides of the scalp.

This strip is then separated into groups of around 1-3 hair follicles. A small incision will be made into the area of thinning or hair loss on the patient’s scalp and the follicles will be implanted into these areas.

FUT was the dominant form of hair transplant for many years and while FUE has taken this practice and offered a more modern alternative, the benefits of FUT are often something to consider.

FUT hair transplant in Vizag procedure often sees higher volumes of follicles transplanted in every session undertaken and are therefore the better option for those who may not be able to dedicate time to multiple transplant dates.

Patients with weaker follicles or with limited donor availability may also be suggested FUT transplants, as FUT often sees a higher rate of survival for the hair follicles both during, and after transplantation.

After harvesting with the above one of the methods then the implantation process will begin. The following is the procedure for implantation.


Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

It is pioneered by DHI Medical Group, DHI technique is regarded as the most advanced technique in hair transplant.

Hair follicles are extracted directly from the donor site and transplanted to the recipient area one by one using a very fine instrument — some 0.7mm in diameter.

The tools used in this technique are US patented and single use. It provides angle, depth, and direction to a surgeon thereby ensuring the natural-looking hairline. To Know more-Click Here