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Know Which Stage your Hair Fall is at and get it Treated by Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad.

The hair loss is a dreadful problem for most of the young adults but new innovations in the health sector have solved the problem of many young people with the latest surgical techniques in hair transplant.

Hair loss issue is a prime concern in cosmetic surgery as it requires both the surgical &an aesthetic sense to meet the best requirement of the surgery. For more details about Hair Transplant in Hyderabad-Click Here.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the seven stages of baldness.


Hair Loss Stages

Hair transplant in Hyderabad is a sought-after hair recovery treatment which is opted by many people. Here are 7 stages of hair fall that you should need to look at.


Stage 1: Minimal hair loss which takes 50-100 strands a day. It is marked by thinning around the temples and a slight recession that often goes unnoticed or ignored.

Stage 2: Decreasing hairline from the temples. the balding near the temples has moved further inward, creating the common M-shaped hairline that is common in a lot of men.

Stage 3: The baldness becomes more visible. The temple recession continues to grow to the point that there’s little or no hair in the temporal regions. This is the stage where the hair on top of the head becomes noticeably thinner and is usually when balding spots begin to develop.

Stage 4: Massive decrease in the vertex. By the time you reach Stage IV, it’s evident that you’re experiencing male pattern baldness. This is where you’ll develop noticeable bald spots.

Stage 5: A visible thin division line of hair. this is when we start to see the early signs of the horseshoe-shaped hairline. This is when hair loss is entering a severe stage where it becomes more difficult to treat.


Stage 6: The thin division is disappeared leaving behind a few stands. if you make it to this stage of male pattern baldness, you’ve managed to lose a large portion of your hair.

Stage 7: Little hair exists at the front. consider this stage to be full-blown baldness. This is the classic horseshoe or cul-de-sac pattern which leaves the top of the head completely bald.

This is the few stages of hair fall that you can see if you ignore taking care of your hair fall.

If you want to keep the same head of hair throughout your adult life, you’re going to need to act as soon as you catch the first signs of male pattern baldness.

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