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Natural Cancer Treatment

Have you ever wondered as there can be any natural cancer palliating facility available? The answer to this is Yes! There is certain cancer preventing as well as cancer palliating treatments which when adopted well leads to a healthy life and relieves one from this harmful agony of life.

Cancer can arise from any physical problems which could be the lack of oxygen supply to cells, a weakened immune system of the body, excessive acidity and the toxic accumulation of cancer-causing agents known as carcinogens.

Many natural cancer palliative approaches are available but they require a person to have a committed approach to healthy lifestyle changes.

The various natural healing or palliating approaches are as follows:

Homeopathic Immunotherapy Protocol

Immunotherapy is also known as the biologic therapy, wherein it holds the capability to boost the body's natural defenses of immune system thereby fighting against cancer. It makes use of substances prepared by the body or in a laboratory in order to improve or restore immune system function. Immunotherapy works by  either of one of the ways:

It works by either stopping the growth of cancer cells or it stops the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body and even boosts immunity.

CANDROL: An effective Homeopathic Immunotherapy Protocol

CANDROL is the final outcome as the 4th modality of cancer treatment by Dr. Rishi Sharma and his team at their cancer hospital in India.  The hospital is the best cancer treatment hospital in India.They are been successful in treating patients with all kinds of cancer including GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) grade 4, hemato-oncological cases like A.L.L, C.M.L, autoimmune diseases after allogenic or autogenic transplants like osteonecrosis etc.

The cancer conditions have been challenging for years together for most of the conventional therapists. Thus, CANDROL has shown significant evidence to possess great potential in treating any cancer-related conditions and states.

Candrol has perfectly emerged as the only hope and remedy to palliate terminally ill cancer patients and for any newly diagnosed patients combining both Candrol and conventional cancer treatments. This has indicated to reduce disease load immediately.

Thus, Dr. Rishi’s cancer treatment is based on scientific methods which are natural, time-tested, cost-effective, non-surgical, painless and 100% safe without any side-effects as no material doses are being used.

The Gerson Therapy and Juicing

The Gerson Therapy and juicing was Dr. Max Gerson, who was a German-born American medical doctor who after extensive research developed an effective natural cancer treatment over 90 years ago. Since then this term has been coined as the “Gerson Therapy.” Dr. Gerson worked and helped numerous cancer patients wherein he helped them to activate their body’s self-extraordinary ability to heal on its own by recommending them:

  • Plant-based organic food items,
  • Raw organic juices
  • Coffee
  • Beef Liver
  • Natural supplements boosting immunity

The Gerson therapy is a natural healing process which is completely side-effects free and it naturally heals, recovers and reactivates the body’s natural ability to palliate itself. This natural chemical-free treatment boosts the body’s own immune response thereby facilitating to heal cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, tuberculosis, allergies, and many other autoimmune or degenerative diseases.

The Gerson Therapy works by targeting the body’s metabolism wherein the nutritional benefits of the therapy are reaped in after almost  15–20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables are consumed each day.

The Gerson Diet is exceptionally rich in all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is very low in fats, proteins, and sodium.

Juicing is very important for healing.  Any freshly pressed juice from raw foods possesses the easiest and most effective way of providing quality nutrition to boost metabolism.

Detoxification – It is an important process to make body toxic-free and clean it from any impurities. In the Gerson Therapy, coffee enemas are used as a primary approach to detoxifying the body thereby increasing the parasympathetic nervous system of the body.

The underlying effect of this approach is that after the whole therapy is applied with the combined effect of the organic food, pressed raw juices and the medication. It causes the body’s immune system to attack and kill tumor tissues, besides also working out simultaneously to flush out the accumulated toxins from the body.



The Budwig Protocol

The Budwig diet protocol was discovered by a German biochemist named as Johanna Budwig in the 1950s.

The Budwig diet comprises of eating of flaxseed oil which is mixed with either cottage cheese or milk. Johanna Budwig believed in the concept that oils stop cancers from further growing.

Flax is a plant found in many places of the world. When its seeds are pressed then it produces linseed oil which is used in cooking or as a food supplement also. The flax seeds are rich in high levels of fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

Besides the flaxseed and cottage cheese combination, the Budwig diet contains fruits, vegetables, and fibers. While implementing this diet one should avoid sugar, meat, and fats like butter, margarine, and some other oils.

So how the Budwig Protocol actually works is that when you replace the deadly processed fats and oils from your diet with life-giving and rejuvenating  unsaturated/saturated fatty acids which enable the body cells to rebuild and get repaired.


Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

Proteolytic enzymes act in response to the body’s main defense mechanism against cancer.

As the autonomic nervous system comprises of two major nervous systems which are the sympathetic nervous system (“fight” or “flight”) and the autonomic (“rest” and “digest”) nervous systems. The concept is based on balancing of these two systems, as they are being suspected of to be one of the major cancer causes.

He through his studies discovered that a vegetarian diet suppresses sympathetic function, whereas, on the other hand, a meat-rich diet enhances it. He divided patients into different groups based on the metabolic differences, and their genetic and physical make-up.

The studies have demonstrated that by making use of these systemic enzyme therapy tumor got significantly decreased and also the tumor therapy-induced side effects like nausea, G.I. disorders, fatigue, weight loss, and restlessness got reduced stabilizing the quality of life.

Vitamin-C Chelation

Chelation therapy utilizes certain chemicals or natural compounds which grab and remove toxic metals from the body.  Mostly, only holistic doctors use this chelation therapy. When this therapy is employed medically it is used to remove calcium deposits from various arteries.

Along with vitamin C chelation, consumption of more vitamin C-rich diet would facilitate prevention and fight against cancer.

Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy

Several recent research trials have also proved and highlighted frankincense’s potential cancer-fighting abilities. Specifically, it was proved that Indian Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) is clinically an effective treatment which potentially fights for:

  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Stomach cancer

Basically,  frankincense has the capability to influence the genes promoting healing.

Probiotic Foods and Supplements

Probiotics are microorganisms that have the capability to promote a natural balance and makes the intestinal microflora strong enough to fight against any diseases. They supported the immunity, improves digestive functions and mineral absorption and also aid in healing the leaky gut, which all help in the prevention of cancer.


Research studies have shown that curcumin derived from turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin also works by increasing the concentration of antioxidants which is glutathione. Glutathione, on the other hand, exhibits a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on target cells by limiting the damage of oxidative stress caused to the organs.


For the proper functioning of the whole body, it  is very much necessary to critically remove the toxins from the body. The sun is a natural source of photons creating a magnetic field which ultimately attracts the electrons.The exposure to sunlight stimulates the glandular functioning of various glands to be it the pancreas, bladder, salivary glands, liver and gallbladder.

The sun’s rays stimulate vigor and vitality healing the body from the inside out.