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Nutrient Deficiency Association with Hair Loss & Hair Transplants


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The role of micronutrients has an important role in the hair follicle development and causes the growth, development and balancing the hair growth cycle. The micronutrients that have the substitute of minerals & vitamins play a crucial in the hair follicle development, but not entirely clear role in the hair follicle development and research is still undergoing. Therefore, the hair loss caused by minerals and nutrient deficiency is needed to be evaluated on the timeline basis to identify the status subjected to the loss of hair growth on the particular top and frontal areas of the scalp. If a person lost his hair on the frontal areas it causes loss of aesthetic appeal and thus it is needed to undergo for the hair transplant surgery. There might be a question, why someone only needs hair transplant surgery; even if the causative factor is a deficiency of micronutrients then the answer is all about the aesthetic need and expectation to look natural. The hair transplant in Jaipur offers many choices with respect to receiving the way of the procedure as well as some other non-surgical options are also available to sort out the issues of the baldness or hair loss.

Being a medical hub in the country, the pink city offers many advantages to his patients to get the surgical benefits of the treatment and the best hair transplant clinics in Jaipur offers not only the best treatment but also the affordable rate of the procedure.

By the following points, we are describing the role of Minerals & Vitamins in Hair loss as follows:

  1. Playing a role in Cellular turnover: Micronutrient has a major role in cellular turnover and causes the proper functioning of the hair growth cycle. The cellular turnover needs nutrient to get in mode by proper growth, transformation, and change in the cycle from one state to another means from one phase to different. The role of vitamins and minerals causes the proper strengthening in cellular turnover and helps in achieving the balance for the hair growth cycle as well. Minerals and vitamins as a micronutrient frequently occur in the matrix cells in the hair follicle bulbs that are destined to get rapidly divide.
  2. Management of Alopecia is Needed: As a matter of fact, the minerals & vitamins have a role in causing the hair loss or baldness, it is also important to manage the alopecia with various aspects of the problem and the solution. The Alopecia management is needed as it gets clear via the evaluation of the scalp that which stage of baldness or hair loss has been affected by the patients. Alopecia management is confirmed by recommending the supplements of minerals and vitamins.
  3. Deficiency if Iron causes hair loss in females: Deficiency of iron causes the hair loss or the case of Andro0genic alopecia in females and thus, it is recommended to supplements of ferrous containing tablets or tonics to the patients who are anaemic.
  4. Vitamin A & Selenium overdose: A study revealed this fact that too much dose of vitamin A and Selenium has also a pivotal role in causing the hair loss problem. But, it is needed to do more research and study to establish the latter relationship.


Relations between Androgenic alopecia & Immune System:

It is well-understood that the autoimmune system has a key role in the occurrence of hair loss or baldness issue. The problem of pattern baldness or AGA (Androgenic alopecia) occurs when an immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicle and thus hair loss occurs, which may be devastating if not treated properly at the right time with the right treatment method. When the immune system fails to respond in a right manner and also hormone is at play, i.e., Testosterone (male sex hormone) that converted into DHT (Di-hydro Testosterone) as a result of the catalytic action of 5-alpha-reductase accelerates the case of AGA or Androgenic alopecia).

Treatment of Hair Loss & Hair Transplants

  1. Supplements of Micronutrients: The micronutrients are recommended when as the patient is affected by miniaturization or hair greying problem and experiencing the hair fall problem. Therefore, the supplements of vitamin D, folate, vitamin B12, and selenium are advised to control hair fall and premature greying in the patients. The micronutrients include vitamin D, B, Iron, selenium, and folate that are needed to take when someone is affected by the hair loss problem as a non-surgical option to treat the pattern baldness.
  2. Hair Transplants: The surgical restoration of hair is advised when someone is affected by the pattern baldness with a definite and stable grade of baldness. The Norwood scale is used to measure the extent of hair loss and thus a surgeon gets able to treat the hair loss or baldness with the hair transplant procedure.

On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is advisable when a patient is affected by the AGA or pattern hair loss with the distinctive grade of Norwood baldness.