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One of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon- Dr.Vikas Panthri.

Dr.Vikas Panthri


Dr.Vikas Pantri (MBBS, Diploma in Anesthesiology, MMIA) is one of the leading hair transplant surgeon currently practicing in Mumbai and Delhi.

He has an experience of more than decade in the field of hair transplant.

He completed his education from in anesthesiologist and critical care specialist from the prestigious LTMMC and LTMGH hospital, Mumbai.

Dr.Vikas has received learning in Hair Restoration from world renowned Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Also, he is a privileged member of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS) and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

In a short span of time Dr.Vikas Panthri has registered himself among the most prominent and eminent hair transplant surgeon in India.

It is also considered that Dr.Vikas Panthri has dominated the East Delhi NCR area and the Mumbai’s western area in the term of numbers of hair transplant surgeries.



Radiant Aesthetic Clinic is a brain-child Dr.Vikas Panthri.

Radiant Aesthetic Clinic was started with a vision to achieve more number of satisfied patients while consistently focusing the betterment in quality of service i.e. The Result.

They has been solving people’s hair problem for last 9 years.

They are equipped with some of the best and most modern equipment used for hair transplant.

Here is the list of hair transplant services provided by Radiant Aesthetic Clinic:

  • FUT Hair Transplant.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplant is traditional techniques used for hair transplant

In this process strip containing hair grafts is taken from back of the scalp.

Then the strip is kept under the microscope, where the hair grafts are extracted from the strip.

These extracted grafts are then implanted in the recipient area.


  1. More quantity of grafts can be transplanted in one sitting.
  2. This process requires less time as compares to others.
  3. Cost is less as compared to other techniques.


  1. As it is surgical process, it leaves a permanent scar.
  2. Process can be painful.
  3. Full recovery can take more time.
  4. Wastage of hair grafts is more.


  • FUE Hair Transplant.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant is rather an advanced technique used for hair transplant.

In this process, hair grafts are directly extracted from the back of the scalp.

These hair grafts are then implanted in the area affected by hair loss.


  1. No visible scar post-surgery.
  2. Wastage of graft is very low.
  3. Mild to moderate level of pain.
  4. More natural results.
  5. No incision.



  1. Time consuming.
  2. Less number of graft are extracted in one sitting.


  • PRP Treatment.

PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) is a hair loss treatment rather than hair transplant.

This treatment can only be used in the early stages of hair loss only.

In this process, blood is taken from your body.

The blood is then placed in a centrifuge, where the blood is separated from plasma.

These plasma is then mixed with some medicines or supplements and then it is injected in the area affected by hair loss.


  • Hair System:

Hair System is a term used to describe the things which are used to conceal the bald area.

Hair System generally consist of a base with human or synthetic hair fibers. Which can be used to attach to the area of scalp affected by baldness.

Hair System is majorly classified into two types:

  • Stock Hair System.
  • Custom Hair System.


However any type of transplant surgery requires multiple operating personnel as it’s a prolonged surgery.

In hair transplant there are three part of Surgery:

  1. Extraction.
  2. Slitting or Creating Recipient Site.
  3. Implanting in slits.

The process of slitting needs to be done by surgeons only. As the angle, naturality, density and artistry with which the slits are created play an important role in the outcome of the result.

At Radiant Aesthetic Clinic, the process of slitting or creating recipient site is done by Dr.Vikas Panthri himself.



The cost of the treatment is majorly decided by the number of grafts you require to cover the bald area.

Radiant Clinic makes sure the cost of the treatment does no burn out your pockets.

It has the lowest cost of hair transplant as compared to other clinic in Mumbai and Delhi.

Radiant Clinic also provides a flexible 0% interest EMI for a 3 year tenure for a budget range of Rs.82600 to Rs.177400.


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