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Reason why you shouldn't ignore your chest pain?

Chest pain Problem


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An experience of pain in the chest is almost quickly associated with having a heart attack . Though it may be true that it is possibly the best warnings of a heart attack, as per the top cardiologists there can be quite a few other things that could cause one’s chest to pain and not all need to necessarily be as time important as a heart attack.

So , exactly what the various things you should be aware of in the case of pain in the chest ? In order to fully understand chest pain better , it is first extremely important to understand the different kinds of chest pain better ! So , there is a sharp pain , its opposite which happens to be a dull pain , burning , aching , stabbing pain , as well as a crushing sensation.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room , which is usually medically known as myocardial infarction or labeled as the infamous heart attack . This can occur when the muscle cells, which are usually located in the heart die on account of not enough blood flowing through the heart.

Simply, the proper way to get to know that anyone is having a heart attack is when ever the person starts to feel a seriously crushing pain at the heart or the left side of the chest . What could be said to be unique during this type of pain is that resting may not make it better.

Yet another condition of the heart that could be often mistaken by the layman for a heart attack is myocarditis . Inflammation of the heart muscle will cause fatigue and a speedy beating of the heart . The patient would also suffer some difficulty breathing .

Heart disease can come in multiple forms and one of those is known as CAD or Coronary Artery Disease . When there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart , the pain which is known as angina is triggered by this blockage . The probably solitary source of good news is that long lasting damage to the heart is not resulted by CAD !

That being said , a heart attack is a larger possibility . The pain in the chest will spread to the jaw or the back , at least the arm . The sensation is that of the body part being squeezed . The first thing to be taken care of when angina occurs is to rest with a purpose to lower the pain .

While these conditions have focused on the heart, pneumonia affecting the lungs can cause deep chest ache. It causes a cough and chills. There is also likely to be pus from the respiratory tract which is coughed up!

Asthma is yet another respiratory issue which could cause chest pain!