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See Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India for All Therapies

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Cancer is a very common and deadly disease nowadays and prevention from this disease is very difficult. There are many types of cancer which are occurring nowadays like blood cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and many more and out of them, one is lung cancer which is dangerous.

Lung cancer is also known as Lung carcinoma which is caused because of growth in abnormal cells but the major reason for lung cancer is smoking as it damages the lining of the lungs which leads directly to the death of the person.

Well, it is not impossible to cure lung cancer if you get to know about it at the early stage or sometimes it is possible to cure it at the last stage also. Not only people from India but also people from all around the world seek treatment at affordable prices at the best hospitals for Lung cancer treatment in India.

Now when we are talking about lung cancer treatment it is very important that you take the proper and best treatment which you can get at Candrol, Jaipur. As they give the best lung cancer treatment through candrol and conventional therapies so that they can reduce disease load immediately.

There are various types of treatment therapies by which lung cancer can be cured like surgical removal of cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and some times the combination of these therapies also works other than these therapies there are targeted therapies and immunotherapy which is also effective in many cases. Which type of therapy should be taken completely depends on your stage of lung cancer.

Let’s discuss which therapy will take around how much cost for your lung cancer treatment:-

Radiotherapy:- Cost for radiation therapy in India starts from 5 lakhs and can go up to 20 lakhs as it completely depends on at which stage your cancer is.

Surgery Cost:- Surgery can only be done at the early stage of lung cancer so it starts from 2.5 lakhs and cost also depends on the hospital but this therapy is not suggested if your cancer has spread to other parts also.

Chemotherapy:- Cost of Chemotherapy starts from 1.5 lakhs and can go up to 2.75 lakhs and it is the most commonly used therapy all around the world to prevent any type of cancer.

Immunotherapy:- Immunotherapy range starts from 1 lakhs and can end up to 2 lakhs as it will depend on how much time will it take to prevent your lung cancer and sometimes it will also depend on hospitals.

Lung cancer treatment cost is very much affordable in India and according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information the most common cancer which is found in India and in the world is Lung cancer and the stats say that in India majorly deaths are caused because of cancer. And the main reason that has been found is the cost because people cannot afford the cost of the treatment but now no need to worry because Candrol is here to help you out with the lung treatment at affordable price.

Earlier people went to other countries for the best treatment of lung cancer at an affordable price but now that won’t be necessary because now the scene has completely changed instead of that nowadays people are coming to India for the better treatment and all the facilities.

There are many factors that decide the cost of lung cancer treatment like what surgery type will be needed for your treatment, what drugs are prescribed to you if the radiotherapy is given to you then the charges will be different, up to what duration you are taking or getting the treatment, and what is the stage of your cancer these all the things will decide the actual cost of your treatment.

So now you can get the best treatment for lung cancer in India that also at reasonable rates. Ya, some transportation, food, and hotel charges will apply but it will be worth it.

Now you might have got sufficient knowledge about lung cancer treatment and what cost will your treatment take in India. So take proper treatment for your lung cancer from the best place so that you don’t have to regret your decision.

Good Luck for treatment!!!