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What are the things to be Considered Before having a Hair Transplant Surgery Visakhapatnam?

Hair Transplant in Vizag

Going for a hair transplant is a crucial decision and you must give a lot of thoughts before you finally decide to go ahead. To get a Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is a decision and there are many reasons to call it big.

The cost of a very good in Vizag is a significant deciding factor.  Wrong hair transplantation can lead to long-term harmful effects, both physical and psychological. You might come across some claims about non-surgical methods, but there is no such transplant process.

If there is an uncontrollable hair fall the only way to treat it is going for a hair transplant surgery, talk to a doctor, they would help you through the right kind of treatment keeping in consideration your expectations as well.

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Cause of your hair fall

Though the hair fall has various reasons, mostly it's Androgenetic Alopecia, a common reason for among men and known as the male-pattern baldness. Hair transplantation is a complete solution for Androgenetic Alopecia.

Things to be considered before having a hair transplant surgery:

What is the Right Age for hair transplant?

The ideal age to have a hair transplant is above 25 years. The Male baldness pattern is genetic and of progressive nature which keeps shifting over a period.

However, some people will suffer hair loss and hair thinning from an early age. So, the best thing for them is to go for medication and PRP treatment for hair regrowth.

Deciding between FUT or FUE?

FUT and FUE are essentially different ways in which the donor’s hair is taken from the scalp area. Before you decide, which technique would suit you to go consult with a properly chosen expert.

Complications of surgery risks hair grafting is a quite safe procedure which is generally without any risk.

The Success percentage of hair transplant surgeries?

The success percentage of hair transplant in Vizag is about 95 to 98(%) among the non-smokers if the best international surgery standards are used during transplantation.

Do you know that Vizag is one of the best places for hair transplant in India? Yes, with one of the best and cheap hairs transplantation options, Vizag is leading the race.

The expertise of your hair transplantation doctor?

Hair transplant designing is a crucial surgery where your hair transplantation must not be detectable.  The skillset and expertise of the doctor are vital for the entire process.

You need to know farther about the necessity of hair transplantation designing and how your choice of an expert can impact that.

How fast you can resume work after the surgery?

Based on the procedure followed, your job type, often you can resume your job within a few days. It’s generally just after 3 days.

Consult your doctor, he/she would be the right person to confirm the same during a consultation.

How much time does it take for regrowth of hair after the treatment?

After surgery, a gauze band is tied on the implanted area. The next day of surgery the gauze band is removed and with the help of body lotion, the implanted area is washed.

It takes a full year for effects of a hair transplant to fully appear. Growth will gradually begin after the 4-month mark and continue to increase up until a year.