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Which hair transplant method is best in Gurgaon?

Before and after hair transplant

Let’s talk about hair Some of us spend almost half of our lives brushing, washing, styling and generally fiddling with our hairs. With hair transplants beginning to take roots in public consciousness, we are here to tell you how does it work and which hair transplant method is the best for you.

Surprisingly, hair transplant treatment kicked off well in Gurgaon when doctors have found out that they can remove the hair follicles from a safe area also called as Donor area and successfully place it into the bald part which is called Recipient area.  In the case of male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss, there tends to be a safe zone of permanent hair around the back and the side of the head from which the healthy follicles get extracted. Due to limited technology, the results were not that ideal and effective. With the rise of new technology, Doctors have successfully come up with new methods for Hair Transplantation.

For most of the techniques, the patient has to shave their head before transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a traditional technique involves in the extraction of the strip of skin from the backside of the scalp containing hairs and implanted at the recipient area.

FUT is also called a strip technique and uses cutting edge technology. 

Using a microscope doctor will create hundreds of natural-looking hair grafts by dissecting the strip of skin that is extracted and implanted at the area of baldness.

The length of the strip may vary due to the number of grafts required and the level of baldness. Sometimes strip length extends from ear to ear.

FUT leaves a scar at the donor area

Generally, the strip size is around the 1.5cm wide and 25-28cm length

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a minimally invasive procedure the hair grafts are extracted by making small circular cuts. The punch size is around 0.8mm to 1.0mm

FUE is also known as stitchless, scarless, cut less technique. The doctor will harvest the grafts will help of punches under high power magnification.

The harvested grafts are stored in a saline solution and at an optimal temperature, this will helps in decreasing the death rate of grafts.

The grafts are not damaged while applying punches, as the doctor can visualize and make punches at the desired angle and direction.

After the extraction process, the doctor will dress the donor area.

Direct Hair Transplant is the latest hair transplant procedure in this the grafts are kept less time outside the body.

Generally, harvesting is done first and then implantation process is started so the grafts are kept 1-3 hours outside the body 

In Direct Hair Transplant, the grafts are extracted using FUE  but every graft is implanted immediately or within 10-15 minutes in the area of baldness.

The death rate of grafts is less and the maximum time grafts will stay in saline is for 10-15 minutes. The result is quicker than FUE

The main aim of direct hair transplant is to reduce the storage time of grafts outside the body.

DHI is an implantation procedure using an implanter pen implantation is done by a doctor. With this pen, hair follicles are placed at the desired angle and direction.

Other hair transplants are also available such as eyebrow, beard, mustache and body hair transplant. For more detailed information visit clinicspots.com which helps you in finding clinics, doctors, and information about the treatments.