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Which is the best city for hair transplant?



Hair transplant is a trending treatment in Mumbai. As there are many people suffering from hair loss or hairline problem and they opt for hair transplant in Mumbai. Mumbai is a place where you can get many experience doctors as it is the best place for cosmetic surgery. And one of the most popular treatment is hair transplant in Mumbai. The success rate of hair transplant in Mumbai is 90% it also extends to 98% all it depends on the clinic you choose.  

The most advanced technique in Mumbai is FUE hair transplant technique. In this technique, doctors use advanced technology so that there will be no pain to the patient and with the use of this technique there will be no scar left after the surgery. The hair transplant cost for the same is also economical. You can afford hair transplant treatment in Mumbai as it cost starts from Rs. 40,000. The cost depends on the grafts you require, the clinic you choose, and the technique you opt for. These are the conditions to increase the cost of hair transplant treatment in Mumbai. But the best option for hair loss is only FUE hair transplant technique.

There are even other techniques for hair transplant in Mumbai.

Now we will be telling you about each technique used in Mumbai:

  1. FUT: this technique is quite an old technique used for hair loss treatment. If a person is suffering from level 2 to level 7 baldness problem this technique can be used. The only thing is that the scar will be left as it is after the surgery. To overcome this problem FUE was invented. So many people or patient opt for FUE technique. The cost of this technique is very less. It almost starts from Rs. 30,000.
  2. DHI: this technique is the most popular technique in Mumbai after the FUE technique. The use of this technique is very less due to the cost of the DHI hair transplant technique. The cost of the DHI technique in Mumbai is Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000. As the surgeons use the DHI implanter pen and the cost of same is very high. The patient can’t afford this cost for one session if there is a requirement of more grafts. So people opt for FUE technique.
  3. Robotic: This technique is the advanced technology of the FUE technique. But this technology is not yet started in India. But soon this technique will be implanted in Mumbai, India. The cost of this technique will vary from Rs. 60,000 to Rs, 1,00,000. As the doctor will use a Robo for the treatment.


Apart from these technique PRP treatment is used for such patients who are suffering from hair loss and their stage is just an initial stage. So that with the use of this therapy you can get your natural hair back. This technique depends on the number of sessions you require according to the number of grafts.

As you know got to know that for hair transplant Mumbai is the only best city for the treatment. Further, we will be telling you how to choose the best clinic for hair transplant in Mumbai.

You must know:

  • The doctor’s experience and degree.
  • What are the facilities provided by the clinic
  • Whether the patient is given proper consultation or not
  • What are the advanced treatments in the clinic and what tools are used for the treatment
  • Cost of each treatment
  • Your treatment cost and what all it includes in the cost.

To guide you better you can request your queries here. The expert will answer all your questions.

To conclude, Mumbai is known as the medical hub in India. And the most popular treatment is a hair transplant. So we tell you the best place and clinic for your treatment in Mumbai.