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Shamsudin Mohamed Rela

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M.B.B.s, M.S. FRCS, DSc. Honoris causa TransplantSurgery

Prof. Shamsudin Mohamed Rela, Global Health City, 439, Cheran Nagar,, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600100, India.

+91 44777000


Practice Information

Hospital / Clinic Address:

Global Health City, 439, Cheran Nagar,
Chennai  Tamil Nadu  600100
Telephone Number: 9003098860

About Doctor

Specialities & Expertise

    Liver Surgery and Transplantation, Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery


  • MBBS (University of Madras)
  • MS (University of Madras)
  • FRCS (Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)


    Global Hospitals , Hyderabad

    Director: Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation
    Global Hospitals , Mumbai

    Course Director: Post MCh Fellowship in Liver Transplantation,
    Recognized by “The Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University”
    Global Hospitals and Health City, Chennai

    Distinguished Professor: Institute of Liver Studies
    King’s College Hospital, London SE5 9RS
    Clinical Lead for Hepatobiliary

    Dept of Hepatobiliary surgery & Transplantation
    King’s College Hospital,
    London, SE5 9RS

    Clinical Lead for live donor liver transplantation: Dept of Hepatobiliary surgery & Transplantation, King’s College Hospital, London, SE5 9RS
    Visiting Professor
    Riyadh Armed forces Hospital,
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



    1. Acting Registrar 
    General Surgery and Urology
    Oldham Royal Infirmary and Oldham District
    General Hospital, U.K
    Aug 1987 - Jan 1989

    2. Registrar in General and Vascular Surgery
    Arrowe Park Hospital
    Wirral, Merseyside, UK
    Feb 1989 - Sept 1990

    3. Registrar in General Surgery
    Medway Hospital, Gillingham, Kent, UK
    Oct 1990 - Dec 1991
    4. Registrar in Liver Transplant Surgery
    King's College Hospital
    London, UK
    Jan 1992 - April 1993

    5. Senior Registrar in Liver Transplant Surgery
    King's College Hospital
    London, UK
    May 1993 to May 1994

    6. Consultant Surgeon/Hon Senior Lecturer, Liver
    Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery, .
    Institute of Liver Studies, .
    King's College Hospital, London, UK
    June 1994 to 2008

    7. Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation
    Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery,
    Institute of Liver Studies, .
    King's College Hospital, London, UK
    2008 – Current

    8. Director, Institute of Liver Disease and Transplantation
    Global Hospitals Group, .
    Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
    2009 – Current


    1. Recognised Teacher : University of London, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AW
    Mentorship for PhD student: Institute of Liver Studies
    King’s College Hospital, London.
    Tutor for MRCS courses:
    1. Whipp's Cross MRCS course

    2. Royal College of Surgeons Course in Liver Surgery
    Teaching anatomy of the liver: Has lectured on anatomical variations and
    anomalies of the liver and in surgical techniques to overcome such anomalies in CME sessions in major conferences in Europe and Asia.

    Surgical Skill teaching : Workshop and Practical Demonstration on Split
    Liver Transplantation, European Society of Organ Transplantation. Gent, Belgium.

    Post Graduate teaching: Regular teaching for Gastro DM postgraduates.

    Fellowship Mentor: Mentor for “ The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical
    University” recognized Post MCH fellowship in liver transplantation

    Educational Course Director:
    Master class in liver disease (MCLD)
    1. Paediatric liver diseases and transplantation:
    Current concepts series 3, (MCLD 2012)
    2. HPB oncology, series 2, (MCLD 2012)
    3. Liver disease and transplantation, Series 1,
    (MCLD 2011)



Awards & Honors

    Panchanna Chaterjee Oration and Gold Medal – Association of Surgeons
    of India. Ludhiana, December, 1996.

    • Chennai oration and medal: Indian Association of Surgical, Gastroenterology 1997
    • Recognised Teacher status: University of London, 2001
    • Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation : King’s College, University of London, 2008
    • Scroll of Honour and Medal: Jawaharlal Institute of Post graduate Medical
    • Education and Research (JIPMER), Pondicherry, 2009
    • Dr Madhanagopal Oration and Medal: Madras Medical College, 2010
    • Scroll of Honour: The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Medical University, 2012
    • Prof. M.S. Ramakrishnan Oration: Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital, Chennai, 2012.
    • Dr. N. Zaman Oration, Association of Surgeons of India, Guwahati, 2012.
    • Dr. N. Rangabashyam Oration, Chennai, 2013.



    BMA: British Medical Association
    RSM: Royal Society of Medicine
    BTS: British Transplantation Society
    ILTS: International liver transplant society
    AUGIS: Association of Upper GI surgeons of Great Britain
    ESOT: European Society of Organ Transplantation
    BASL: British Association of Study of the Liver

Research & Grants

    1. Role of nitric oxide in chronic allograft rejection:
    My earliest research experience was under the supervision of Prof. J Martin and Prof. S. Moncada in the Wellcome Research Laboratories, Beckenham (1992 93)
    rejection model in rats.
    Associated publication:
    M Rela, REA Smith, A J de Belder, A Wong, LM Villa, JE Beesley, ND
    Heaton, KC Tan, S Moncada, J F Martin. Nitric Oxide Synthase induction
    in chronic cardiac allograft rejection.Transplantation Proceedings. 1995;

    2. Ischemia reperfusion: 2002 to 2007.
    Worked on Differences in inflammatory markers between Cadaveric and Living Donor
    Liver Transplantation and role of ischaemic preconditioning in human Liver
    Transplantation - as a Mentor for a Ph D student.

Publications & Bibliography

    Jassem W, DDH Koo, Cerundolo L, Rela M, Heaton ND and Fuggle SV. Leukocyte infiltration and inflammatory antigen expression in cadaver and living donor livers before transplant Transplantation 2003 Jun 27; 75(12): 2001-7.

    Jassem W, DDH Koo, Cerundolo L, Rela M, Heaton ND and Fuggle SV. Cadaveric versus living donor livers: differences in inflammatory markers following transplantation. Transplantation 2003 Dec 15; 76 (11): 1599-603

    Jassem W, Fuggle SV, Cerundolo L, Heaton ND and Rela M. Ischaemic
    preconditioning of cadaver donor livers protects allografts following
    . Transplantation 2006; 81 (2): 169-74.

    3. Liver gene therapy: 2004 - 2007.
    Worked along with Prof John Fabre in the development of liver gene therapy techniques in a large animal model. The experimental part of this work is nearly complete and there are plans to apply the techniques of hydrodynamic gene delivery in primates.

    4. Grants:
    1. Development of surgical techniques and definition of computer controlled perfusion parameters for gene therapy of liver disease by regional hydrodynamic perfusion.

    Co applicant with Prof John Fabre, Head of Dept of Clinical Science, King's
    College London.Department of Health Grant - 18months to end Jan 2006
    Grant Total £192,867

    2. Development of Hydrodynamic technique for clinical application of gene therapy of liver disease. Co applicant with Prof John Fabre. The Welton Foundation Grant - 1
    year to end May 2007
    Grant Total £74,000
    Co applicant – Prof. N. Heaton, £100,000. 2007. Saudi Cancer Foundation,
    Funding for research in transplantation

    Associated Publications:
    J Fabre, A Grehan, M Whitehorne, G Sawyer, X Dong, S Salehi, L
    Eckley, X Zhang, M Seddon, A Shah, M Davenport, M Rela.
    Hydrodynamic gene delivery to the pig via an isolated segment of
    the inferior vena cava. Accepted - Gene Therapy, Aug 2007.

    5. Research collaborations:
    Over the last 10 years I have been collaborating with clinical and basic science
    researchers within and outside King’s College London. These include Prof Nigel Heaton and Prof Roger Williams, Institute of Liver Studies, Prof GiorginaMieli-Vergani and Prof Anil Dhawan, Paediatric Hepatology, Dr Yun Ma and Prof Diego Vergani, Institute of Liver Studies, Prof John Fabre, Dept of Clinical Sciences, Prof . Stephanie Amiel, Diabetology
    and Dr Sue Fuggle, Nuffield Department of Surgery, Oxford.

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