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Neoplasms (cancer)

See Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India for All Therapies

Lung Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Cancer is a very common and deadly disease nowadays and prevention from this disease is very difficult. There are many types of cancer which are occurring nowadays like blood cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and many more and out of them, one is lung cancer which is dangerous.

Lung cancer is also known as Lung carcinoma which is caused because of growth in abnormal cells but the major reason for lung cancer is smoking as it damages the lining of the lungs which leads directly to the death of the person.

Best Blood Cancer Treatment Centers and Hospitals in India

Best Blood Cancer Treatment Centers in India

There are many types of Cancer which occurs through different reason. Now we are so technically advanced that every Cancer can be treated depending on the situation of the patient and the stage of the Cancer. Blood Cancer is a type of Cancer which is Different from the other cancers that occurs. Blood Cancer is also of many different types like Leukemia, myeloma, etc which effects the regeneration of the blood cells. As India is developing so fast is every sector, there are some of the best blood cancer treatment centers in India which will help you overcome the cancer:

Homeopathy treatment for cancer in India


7/319, Malviya Nagar, Behind Fortis Hospital, Near Jawahar Circle, J.L.N. Marg, Jaipur ( Raj. ) 302017

Homeopathy treatment for cancer in India

Whenever the word cancer comes in the minds of the people it conjures them up haunting them of images of impending death and chemotherapy sessions. The early stages of cancer are treatable with proper Homeopathy medicines which give holistic treatment for cancer. Homeopathy cancer treatment in India by Candrol is raging, Candrol has successfully managed to Provide best Homeopathy treatment for cancer.

Natural Cancer Treatment

Have you ever wondered as there can be any natural cancer palliating facility available? The answer to this is Yes! There is certain cancer preventing as well as cancer palliating treatments which when adopted well leads to a healthy life and relieves one from this harmful agony of life.

Cancer can arise from any physical problems which could be the lack of oxygen supply to cells, a weakened immune system of the body, excessive acidity and the toxic accumulation of cancer-causing agents known as carcinogens.

Best Cancer Specialist In Mumbai : Dr Suresh Advani



Dr Suresh Advani is the first cancer specialist in India.Cancer patients who seek treatment from him and survived will believe that his doctor is the god.

One such god who has gifted life to many patients by treating them in a best possible way. Dr Suresh Advani's dedication to cure cancer made him receive Padma Bhushan from govt of India.


Win your battle with cancer in India


Navi Mumbai
Cancer Treatment in India


What is Cancer?

Cancer, although is a well-known topic around the world, there is still a lot you might not be aware of that can help you reduce the risk of falling prey to the dreaded disease. Cancer is the first leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations and the second leading cause of death in developed nations.