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iam kissing a woman and that woman was suffering from sexual dicease and i was afraid because iam.. Allergy & Immunology 07-Aug-2016 18:41:21 1
Hello Sir, My friend previously vaccinated in the last of may 2016 with five doses of rabies vaccines... Allergy & Immunology 11-Jul-2016 11:04:16 none
hi. I've been getting swollen red lips for a few weeks. the top of my lips get red on the skin and a.. Allergy & Immunology 02-May-2016 07:26:02 1
hello doctor i have blisters in my tongue back sid.. Allergy & Immunology 02-Jan-2016 21:45:52 1
i have coughed throat with pain along with full m.. Allergy & Immunology 27-Dec-2015 22:25:45 1
can i use these combine Oil. .coconut oil.almond o.. Allergy & Immunology 10-Dec-2015 22:04:56 1
i'am 68 year old female, chronic pain -osteo, tire.. Allergy & Immunology 10-Dec-2015 06:11:35 none
I have a bad cold and I keep coughing and spitting.. Allergy & Immunology 08-Nov-2015 04:51:49 1
I have sleep apnea and really bad anxiety to and I.. Allergy & Immunology 31-Oct-2015 18:17:55 1
rashes Allergy & Immunology 03-Sep-2015 21:15:11 1
Red marks and spots after shower which are itchy ! Allergy & Immunology 23-Aug-2015 03:19:46 1
I'm 34 female my skin feels itching for 2 months now is that a sign of a allergy or allergic reaction Allergy & Immunology 11-Aug-2015 09:27:39 1
how to make nipples stop burning? Allergy & Immunology 27-Jul-2015 09:44:31 1
why legs and feet inch after have sex Allergy & Immunology 29-Jun-2015 09:05:15 1
how to replace milk products in diet to prevent allergy and how to especially compensate for curd Good bacteria if we remove curd from diet? Allergy & Immunology 07-Jun-2015 08:04:14 1
hi doctor, yesterday I have got fever and i have see the doctor. she gave me amoxcilin, parasetamol, and some "yellow tiny pills". after consuming then I slept, but my sweat out a lot. is that normal having a lot of sweat at that conditions? Allergy & Immunology 21-May-2015 01:15:29 1
hi sir I'm wrote about nose and ear are blocked... Allergy & Immunology 18-Apr-2015 10:28:46 1
my nose won't stop running like a faucet what should I do? Allergy & Immunology 14-Apr-2015 20:38:08 1
i have a dry cought for a year Allergy & Immunology 10-Mar-2015 10:53:15 1
My daughter is six year of age she has asthematic problem dr suggest her clinil for aerosal with normal saline 2 cc . Can normal saline mixed with clenil for aerosal or not Allergy & Immunology 01-Mar-2015 12:39:31 1
expose to dust or AC Allergy & Immunology 24-Jan-2015 12:13:25 1
Spider Bite? Allergy & Immunology 17-Jan-2015 10:21:11 1
asthma n sinusitis Allergy & Immunology 31-Dec-2014 11:53:50 2
patches all over body Allergy & Immunology 31-Dec-2014 11:36:44 1 pleas.what need avoid to reduce allergy in my eyes Allergy & Immunology 30-Dec-2014 19:57:37 1
How can I recover from skin allergy which is spread on the right side of my hip?? Allergy & Immunology 08-Nov-2014 18:29:25 1
A rash on my right hand Allergy & Immunology 08-Nov-2014 09:01:08 1
how to prevent swollen eyeballs? Allergy & Immunology 30-Oct-2014 01:13:21 1
cold Allergy & Immunology 26-Sep-2014 04:52:21 2
mucus relief DM can you take with vicks sinus spray Allergy & Immunology 15-Sep-2014 13:00:15 1
why did I break out with hives ? Allergy & Immunology 31-Jul-2014 03:55:25 2
what can I do to this? Allergy & Immunology 01-Jul-2014 01:10:36 1
I get a rush on my chest everyday. it comes and goes randomly and I can't even feel it. My chest just turns immediately red and after a few minutes goes back to normal Allergy & Immunology 28-Jun-2014 07:09:15 1
cold and fever Allergy & Immunology 26-May-2014 09:27:19 1
pain in head Allergy & Immunology 13-May-2014 06:18:55 1
I have been getting a rash for 3 years with no answers Allergy & Immunology 12-May-2014 00:06:07 1
I have a problem with face for 6 years. I was a lot of doctors but and now I have a problem. I think if a have a alergy in another food, because I have a problem only in winter. I think I have a alergy in orange, citron or anything else. Allergy & Immunology 04-May-2014 16:49:51 1
friend , I have a problem with bleb or Sheja in the face , because I doubt you have allergies have made ​​all possible examinations , tests and other ftyren what should 've healed but I still look the same problem . Usually in the winter . What can be ? Allergy & Immunology 04-May-2014 03:26:03 1