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I am 38 years old man. I had open Heart surgery in 2012. I take blood thinner. and I have to maintain.. Cardiac disorders 09-Aug-2016 23:45:51 2
I am male 61. feel pressure on chest while I go for short.. Cardiac disorders 07-Aug-2016 19:28:19 1
please tell me, telma40 and amchek 5mg both medicine are given for 64 yrs highblood pressure.. Cardiac disorders 04-Aug-2016 14:00:57 1
please tell me that, high blood pressure patient are given amcheck 5 mg and telma40 both?.. Cardiac disorders 04-Aug-2016 13:57:53 2
I am confused about my chest pain is it is angina or.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 23:27:35 1
My mother test age 65 Sgot (AST) 45 Sgpt (alt) 62 Blood glucose fasting 206 Blood glucose post prandial.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 18:44:43 1
I am suffering from hyper tension and even after medication it is 160/110.After ultra sound i was.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 18:11:18 1
AM 41 YEARS OLD. I had heart attack on 11/ 7/2016. For which my heart was stop for few seconds. And I.. Cardiac disorders 03-Aug-2016 14:35:48 1
my father is brain stroke patient.His health is deteriorating fast.He is unable to sit,stand ,talk or.. Cardiac disorders 01-Aug-2016 22:06:25 1
Hi, I am 35 years of age recently i had problem as burning sensation in my stomach and as i was out of.. Cardiac disorders 30-Jul-2016 00:20:39 1
I want to Know about my Mother ECg report Age 54.. Cardiac disorders 29-Jul-2016 22:29:59 none
My brother inlaw H.N srikanta, 44years of age, he is chet pain , bp sugar hyper tension, diabetoic.. Cardiac disorders 09-Jun-2016 13:40:42 1
Ectopic beats everyday 24hr holter 39 premature at.. Cardiac disorders 08-Jan-2016 04:53:16 none
Name: Ajmal Ali Age : 37 Medical history : Uric a.. Cardiac disorders 14-Nov-2015 01:39:53 1
BP Fluctuation Cardiac disorders 11-Sep-2015 23:17:33 1
does ejection fraction fluctuate? Cardiac disorders 24-Jul-2015 08:32:45 1
cardiac arrest Cardiac disorders 22-Jun-2015 03:37:38 2
2D Echo Report Cardiac disorders 24-May-2015 12:29:07 1
reply. Cardiac disorders 20-Apr-2015 14:18:11 1
my cardiomyopathy Cardiac disorders 18-Apr-2015 00:30:27 1
regular chest pain Cardiac disorders 24-Mar-2015 00:06:11 2
my dr recently upped my bp medicine fr lisinopril 20/12.5 to 20/25 and i have had headaches since i changed. plus he put me on a cholesterol pill called atorvastatin 20 mg. my blood pressure is 150 over 100 and b4 it was 130s/90s Cardiac disorders 25-Feb-2015 05:53:32 1
hi , I have been having on and off chest pain for 2 days but it has started to become worse , I have h.pylori and I been taking medicine to treat it . Cardiac disorders 04-Feb-2015 07:53:06 1
In case of emergency Cardiac disorders 16-Jan-2015 17:37:58 1
I have CHF Cardiac disorders 14-Jan-2015 22:00:40 1
I need help naming the things that have been diagnosed to me. Cardiac disorders 21-Dec-2014 03:44:51 3
Chest pain Cardiac disorders 06-Dec-2014 18:41:52 1
Hi I often get heart flutter Cardiac disorders 18-Nov-2014 12:46:49 1
tell me about hypertensive congestive cardiac failure Cardiac disorders 08-Nov-2014 08:57:37 1
take labetalol, doc prescribed albuterol. is this safe? Cardiac disorders 05-Nov-2014 12:49:34 2
chest pain Cardiac disorders 28-Oct-2014 01:07:59 1
my bp is avg 135/95 since 1 yrs and i am really depressed regarding it is that an heart issue Cardiac disorders 21-Oct-2014 06:28:13 2
heart palpitations Cardiac disorders 25-Aug-2014 09:09:11 2
i am having heart enlargement and it is 36% Cardiac disorders 28-May-2014 15:53:25 2
what else can I do to help my postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Cardiac disorders 04-May-2014 02:37:40 2
Second Opinion Required Cardiac disorders 03-May-2014 22:59:35 2
pain in chest for two days not ongoing but most of day Cardiac disorders 30-Apr-2014 19:24:16 1
high cholesterol Cardiac disorders 01-Apr-2014 20:48:50 2
Thallium Stress Test Cardiac disorders 24-Mar-2014 12:24:05 1
chest pain post lunch Cardiac disorders 04-Mar-2014 17:49:47 2
Aortic valve stenosis Cardiac disorders 24-Jan-2014 18:51:38 4
Increase in heart beat after lunch? Cardiac disorders 19-Dec-2013 18:17:13 2
I had a Catherization and placed 2 DES placed, one in Left Cirx and one in the RAC. It has been over 45 days and I am expercising an hour cardio after a week. I am still feeling the similar Agina even now in a lighter way. How Can I confirm there no issue Cardiac disorders 11-Dec-2013 05:04:20 3