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I have mouth ulcers very frequently. Please suggest me any.. Dentistry 28-Jun-2016 09:51:36 2
Hello sir! I m 21 years old female..i have been suffering frm oral ulcer (yellow bump surrounded by.. Dentistry 27-Jun-2016 01:57:58 1
My wisdom tooth is growing at a very wrong angle, and going into my cheek as a result. It is.. Dentistry 04-Jun-2016 20:55:21 1
gum ache and bleeding, dental problem, please avice Dentistry 04-Apr-2016 17:17:03 1
My teeth are yellow.They are not yellow by birth. .. Dentistry 19-Dec-2015 17:28:36 2
i am 28 years old . 6 weeks pregnant . recently i .. Dentistry 30-Nov-2015 01:23:23 1
I didn't even know where this pain came from. It .. Dentistry 02-Nov-2015 05:22:13 1
hi there i am 12 years old i want to ask how i cann get rid of my ulcer when i eat it aches really bad please give me a solution Dentistry 18-Jul-2015 03:41:33 2
What is it like to get permanent retainers inside for the upper set of teeth? Dentistry 17-Jul-2015 19:15:05 1
How much would braces be for slightly crooked teeth? Dentistry 24-Mar-2015 20:43:25 1
Why are my teeth so wavy? Dentistry 24-Mar-2015 20:42:10 3
sensitivity? Dentistry 18-Feb-2015 06:15:57 3
why does my gum bleed when am brushing? Dentistry 10-Jan-2015 13:19:35 3
drugs effective for tooth ache Dentistry 06-Jan-2015 18:04:11 2
My teeth are sometimes filled with plaques.And some plaques are fit to the teeth. can you tell me how to clean those and keep my teeth fresh. Dentistry 02-Dec-2014 18:27:51 2
Dosage of methylprednisolone for abscess tooth? Dentistry 17-Nov-2014 06:01:48 4
tonsillectomy question imp. Dentistry 26-Oct-2014 01:09:33 1
I am 22 year old. I see black marks on my tooth's. kindly suggest me what sold I do and how can I keep my teeth's awesome. Thanks in advance, it will mean a lot to me. Thank you. Dentistry 14-Oct-2014 01:03:54 2
jaw/TMJ problem? Dentistry 01-Oct-2014 10:55:45 1
What is a little piece of skin growing on my tongue Dentistry 06-Sep-2014 01:35:33 2
Sensitivity Dentistry 02-Sep-2014 15:15:13 2
what happen if your garlic on it teeth Dentistry 24-Jul-2014 00:23:38 1
gum pulling away from tooth Dentistry 01-Jul-2014 21:01:09 1
I had a top molar extracted yesterday. I'm still having extreme jaw pain and yellow colored gum around extraction site Dentistry 26-Jun-2014 06:54:29 1
do braces raise teeth out of the gum alittle during the process to fix teeth? Dentistry 25-Jun-2014 17:34:13 1
dentist Dentistry 21-Jun-2014 07:15:32 2
bitten inner lip Dentistry 21-Jun-2014 07:00:13 3
tooth hurt Dentistry 19-Jun-2014 18:12:23 1
should my jaw be clicking like this? Dentistry 19-May-2014 03:35:33 2
help me Dentistry 09-May-2014 05:59:12 1
Jaw Discomfort Dentistry 12-Dec-2013 15:55:59 2