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My husband, 53, is suffering from viral fever. He had unbearable headache, As advised by the doctor, he.. ENT disorders 10-Aug-2016 18:58:11 1
I am suffering from throat infection. Fever and sore.. ENT disorders 08-Aug-2016 10:31:06 1
I have nose bleeding and my nose pains near the top and also below the eyes. I am unable to breathe.. ENT disorders 08-Aug-2016 03:19:06 1
I m female 32., suffering from tonsel since last 2 has suggested to operate.pls guide me or.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 22:23:35 1
swollen face and throat with numbness when tired or effort done and hard breathing what can be the cause.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 18:26:09 1
Hello Sir. I am having my ears blocked for last 15 days,resulting to that I have slight loss of hearing... ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 18:13:28 none
I get frequent bouts of acute rhinitis / sinusitis., the medications I generally take is.. ENT disorders 04-Aug-2016 12:21:13 1
I am suffering in headache in between eye and forehead mostly in morning time after bath...Is it a.. ENT disorders 03-Aug-2016 12:25:35 4
Iam male age 22, suffering from cold to.. ENT disorders 02-Aug-2016 13:48:17 1
I had a drug reaction I was taking for my tonsillitis. It caused inflammation/swelling/sewer pain in my.. ENT disorders 30-Jul-2016 02:53:44 1
I have cold and cough and throat pain. I took AZAX 500 for 5 days. but still not recovered. Please help.. ENT disorders 27-Jul-2016 21:06:21 1
have a problem in last week i m feel suddenlly my head is roteting very fast and i am going to sleep (.. ENT disorders 27-Jul-2016 19:54:53 1
I'am male 22, my question is about throat stones.. ENT disorders 27-Jul-2016 15:00:55 1
hlo husband had an accident last year in which one of his year nerve got a small damage.last.. ENT disorders 21-Jun-2016 05:05:41 1
I am 20 years old.... I suffer breath problem in a few year... my nose is bending.......... some times it.. ENT disorders 06-Apr-2016 19:13:29 1 baby is suffering from severe cold n doc suggest m to give her taxim-0 forte two times.. ENT disorders 07-Mar-2016 12:38:54 none
I got punched in my head by a classmate. I had pain in the area for 3-5 days. But i didn't had any.. ENT disorders 20-Feb-2016 18:20:40 none
What can I do about my ear? On Sunday, it was real.. ENT disorders 10-Dec-2015 03:38:58 1
hi im a 17 year old girl. i once went to the hospi.. ENT disorders 01-Dec-2015 00:05:08 1
hi ...i have had a earache for over a week now and.. ENT disorders 04-Nov-2015 01:56:10 1
Weird Sensation on back of tongue ENT disorders 16-Aug-2015 14:20:47 1
can cold cause tinnitus ENT disorders 23-Jul-2015 20:07:16 1
why do I have tinnitus? ENT disorders 23-Jul-2015 16:18:49 1
nasal and eye swelling ENT disorders 25-May-2015 23:36:42 1
i have tonsillitis in my throat. ENT disorders 13-May-2015 23:33:08 1
throat.. ENT disorders 03-May-2015 15:45:32 1
tonsills ENT disorders 30-Apr-2015 23:58:25 1
throat pain and earache ENT disorders 22-Apr-2015 00:16:02 2
can untreated chronic sinusitis cause chronic severe nose migraines (headaches)? ENT disorders 10-Apr-2015 04:07:57 1
my nose is paining ENT disorders 31-Mar-2015 13:23:34 1
What is the DDx for swollen tonsils? ENT disorders 22-Feb-2015 22:57:58 1
Ear piercing swollen and bleeding what should I do? ENT disorders 02-Feb-2015 10:04:27 1
I have a sharp throat pain on the right side for a week ENT disorders 07-Dec-2014 12:30:02 1
measure should be taken to decrease second skin ENT disorders 28-Nov-2014 13:24:15 1
bad cough for last 2 month ENT disorders 19-Nov-2014 10:08:43 1
hello doctor I have been suffering from head ache for past 5 years.recently I took scan and the result is as follows -mucosal thickening of left maxillary sinus and ethmoid sinus. ENT disorders 15-Nov-2014 02:56:55 1
please suggest medicine ENT disorders 07-Nov-2014 16:18:45 2
I've been feeling popping in my ears my sinus hurt and im feeling dizzy at times what can I do at home to treat this? ENT disorders 27-Oct-2014 21:49:47 1
Want to consult speech Therapist Dr. Sunanda Rana ENT disorders 07-Oct-2014 15:24:48 1
I have cerumen impaction in my external ear outer ear, is qtips safe to remove it plus I use hygiene peroxide as well. is this ok I do it once a week. ENT disorders 13-Sep-2014 13:17:45 1
tonsillectomy ENT disorders 10-Jul-2014 21:43:04 1
Vertigo and Tinitus ENT disorders 30-Jun-2014 16:30:38 1
Running nose problem at the time of eating food ENT disorders 30-Jun-2014 10:57:36 1
pain after car door slam ENT disorders 21-Jun-2014 01:35:29 1
my nosebleeds are getting worse.. help?! ENT disorders 15-Jun-2014 18:45:49 1
i am having problems with my eyesight ENT disorders 03-Jun-2014 09:40:58 1
dr i have irritable bowel syndrome since 2 years and its not curing ENT disorders 02-Jun-2014 23:28:45 1
swallowing saliva difficulty ENT disorders 15-May-2014 08:52:38 2
What are the side-effects or pit falls of Adenoidectomy? ENT disorders 30-Dec-2013 18:07:19 2