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Hi Doctor, My wife did not get period in this cycle, Her last cycle was July 4.She has checked pregnancy .. Gynaecological conditions 28-Aug-2017 14:34:21 none
Hi Doctor, I am 25 year old female. I was pregnant and got abortion on 30th July. My last period was.. Gynaecological conditions 11-Aug-2016 11:33:54 2
hell mam or sir my name is Anita das mera problm yeh hai ki mera period ka tim tha 30 july lekin aj date.. Gynaecological conditions 11-Aug-2016 11:27:59 2
I get in secong marriage first ihave beby that time doctors close temporary my pregnancy bag now i need.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:48:02 1
My wife is pregnant its 3months now and she is been vomiting too much.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:44:28 1
Hi, actually my needs to travel. So she planned to take primolut-N. Is that safe ? How many days she.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 22:39:40 2
My last period date was 7 july n on 5july 2016 we had intercoursed without protection n in this month my.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 21:27:27 1
I m 27 yr old. it is almost 8 days over my mc. On taking pregnancy test by strip, the first line.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 21:23:10 1
hi last date of menses was 06/07/16 after that I had sex wid my bf on 05/08/16 and than I took I.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 20:57:17 1
My name is Meena my age 35 I had baby in Dec 2014 and I got periods when he was in 9 months I stopped.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 19:54:24 2
pregnency testing positive result means and negetive result means please answer.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 06:24:08 1
Hello Doctors, i am planning for baby and doctor prescribed me susten 200 10tablets once a day before.. Gynaecological conditions 09-Aug-2016 00:18:30 1
I took a hcg shot on Saturday. .went for a follicular scan today(MONDAY) and the follicle had not.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 23:14:57 1
What should be the content of urine test while pregnent because m worried,she got urine test and i m.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 10:39:16 1
Its related to delay in periods.i took 4 ipills in month and its 4th week m not getting periods.i did.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 02:47:21 1
its related to delay in my periods.i took 4 ipills in month and nw its 4th week m not getting periods.i.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 02:45:03 1
My periods are yet to come but my weeding in 3days how should I stop .it may start tonight.. Gynaecological conditions 08-Aug-2016 01:23:26 1
ou my mother is 68.. she had her fibroids operated & uterus removed 17 years before..recently she has.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 23:44:33 1
There is still bleeding and pain after 5 days taking pregout pills when it will stop plz hlp us.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 21:58:12 1
I got my periods on28th june which last till.4th july.after dat i still did not get my periods. I took a.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 19:33:42 1
I am 35 years age I had no children I had both sides endometriosis chocolate cyst. And at present I am.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 15:50:30 1
I miss my periods from last two months and suddenly have to go for urin I many times also do urin.. Gynaecological conditions 07-Aug-2016 00:15:38 1
Hii,i am 24 yrs.I had unprotected sex and my last period date was 21 june,but its delay already 16 days.. Gynaecological conditions 06-Aug-2016 17:26:40 1
I am 31 year old female, done FSH/LH tests on second day of the period. Here are the results - FSH: 8.11.. Gynaecological conditions 04-Aug-2016 20:32:07 1
i had sex on 13 may n then i took i pill the next day i had withdrawal bleed on 24 june n my periods.. Gynaecological conditions 04-Aug-2016 17:30:50 1
am in early pregnancy .. my last period was on 5th of july .. and i just forgot to tell the doctor that.. Gynaecological conditions 03-Aug-2016 13:45:11 1
i wanted to get conceive,am mariied since 2 years,igot conceive 2 times but it dint wat should i.. Gynaecological conditions 03-Aug-2016 11:13:14 1
pregnancy issue want abortion is in its early days is there any home treatment.. Gynaecological conditions 03-Aug-2016 00:11:54 1
i am26 year female having hypothyroidism since 10 years and now i had 5 th week of pregnancy .yeasterday.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 17:29:31 1
Hello doctor...i have my period has been postponed....and till now I have not get got 12 days.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 14:16:38 1
Hi doctor, I am 35 weeks pregnant went through a color doppler today, POG is 33 weeks by scan with 2190.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 12:37:46 1
Hi.. this is felicia.. I had irregular periods.. but from last January it is regular.. but now my.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 12:17:54 1
I am 25 year old women having pain from Abdomen and it continues to back and to leg since 4months.Now me.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 11:43:58 1
Hi, I am on Saaz 1000 mg dose on daily basis 1 tablet. I am consuming the same from almost last 2 years.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 11:11:30 1
Sir,I had unprotected sex with my phionse 3 month's ago but now I am abit afraid that see might pregnant.. Gynaecological conditions 02-Aug-2016 00:07:39 1
I want to ask from a neurologist , that my wife is pregnant and is in 25th week, the baby has.. Gynaecological conditions 01-Aug-2016 23:26:48 1
Hi,i had sex with my boyfriend,since condom was tear I missed my period later ,I took meprate tablet.. Gynaecological conditions 01-Aug-2016 21:26:48 1
Irregular period from 4 months shortly after having intercourse home tests are negative. Could I be.. Gynaecological conditions 30-Jul-2016 09:15:13 1
Helllo..i m ritu ..25 yr old married woman..i got married 8 mnths before n my weight is 45 month.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 23:52:14 none
my husband has low sperm count is 2 million.. can we conceive a baby naturally.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 21:43:44 1
Hi, My pap smear shows: benign superficial, intermediate squamous cells and endocervical cells with few.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 19:59:15 1
how to find if a girl is pregnant at home with in 15 days of.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 18:34:06 1
Hi, I didn't get period last 2 months,15 day before I took misoprostol tablet kit and 5 day before I.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 14:29:47 1
we had sex on 19th june night. and 20th june morning she took IPill. and 20th june was her periode date.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 13:56:13 1
I am 18 years old, I'm sexually active but we're using condoms for contraception. I haven't gotten my.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 13:09:39 1
Hii.. I am 38 weeks pregnant. . I had colour doppler test on 37 week's 2 days (22 July 16) which shows.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 01:11:28 1
My cousin get regular periods but during her last period she noticed white discharge 15 days before her.. Gynaecological conditions 27-Jul-2016 00:44:09 1
After diagnosed tumer in utres removed overy and utres 2 months ago. .and that is sent to laboratory.. Gynaecological conditions 26-Jul-2016 23:15:16 1
Hi. My name is Jaya. I am 20 weeks pregnant right now. I am doubts with my fetal heart rates. At 50.. Gynaecological conditions 26-Jul-2016 21:55:53 1
I had sex with my husband two weeks ago. He used condom properly still when he removed I was wet. I am.. Gynaecological conditions 26-Jul-2016 21:39:22 1