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Sir i am 18 years old so my question is that is masturabtion good or bad should i do it or stop.. Others 11-Aug-2016 09:32:15 2
i am male 31. for the past 5 days i am suffering from extreme redness (like all the blood vessels have.. Others 11-Aug-2016 00:11:48 2
I am an army officer (male, 47 yrs) based at Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. I am experiencing daily multiple.. Others 10-Aug-2016 11:28:15 1
my father had an episode of torsades while in the icu due to severe bradycardia as a result of raised.. Others 10-Aug-2016 03:04:22 1
Does homeopathy cure multiple sclerosis. Please suggest best.. Others 07-Aug-2016 15:21:09 1
Hello doctor, my nephew(7-year-old) is suffering from Steven Johnson's Syndrome for last 15 days.I want.. Others 04-Aug-2016 23:25:36 1
My father GGT level is high-92.6 And ALKALINE PHOSPHATASA Level is-129.35 what I do to make it normal.. Others 04-Aug-2016 21:22:02 1
i am vijay patil from mumbai.would like to ask about my daughter surgery for spinal about neurosurgeon .. Others 04-Aug-2016 13:45:31 1
after cmpltng my full course of rabies vaccine 5 shots there is a regular headch in my half of the left.. Others 04-Aug-2016 12:30:21 3
I twist my ankle & injured myself while playing football. X-Rays reveal no fracture but the swelling has.. Others 03-Aug-2016 23:52:58 1
my mother aged 90+ . yesterday she speaks differently cant understand , and she is a suger,and bp.. Others 02-Aug-2016 01:15:24 1
I am a Zimbabwean woman aged 34 I have visited a malaria infested area unfortunately i erroneously took.. Others 01-Aug-2016 21:22:58 1
I have a Indian green parakeet. For the last one year is feathers are falling off...and it for the most.. Others 26-Jul-2016 21:58:27 1
I had engaged in unprotected sex three months ago. What is happening is that I am constantly reactive on.. Others 24-Jul-2016 10:13:58 none
I am 22 male. I have pain in left testical from 1.5 month ultra sound report shows some swelling in.. Others 19-Jul-2016 18:00:14 none
I had an during my periods can I get.. Others 15-Jul-2016 00:09:41 1
I took montair 10 mg tablets for a month. I'm noticing severe hair loss after 2 months of intake of.. Others 02-Jul-2016 18:48:38 1
I am 28 years of age I am suffering from white saliva with gum since 1 years continuously so please.. Others 26-Jun-2016 10:05:23 1
Hi, my wife has been suffering from sudden acute pain in the upper abdomen since the last 2 months... Others 24-Jun-2016 16:34:54 1
I like to walk nude in front of women whom I don't know, is it a mental.. Others 20-Jun-2016 10:12:40 1
I am a male,16 years old.Since the last two weeks,I was experiencing a slight difficulty while urinating.. Others 13-Jun-2016 18:08:13 1
Is post exposure rabies vaccine 4 shots effective for a year Others 07-Jun-2016 15:11:32 none
Is post exposure rabies vaccine 4 shots effective for a year Others 07-Jun-2016 15:10:08 1
Is post exposure rabies vaccine 4 shots effective for a year Others 07-Jun-2016 14:44:34 none
Please pay attention to my story.2 days ago i made a little scratch to my hand with my nail and some.. Others 30-May-2016 00:28:22 1
sir, i am a science student of 11th class and almost everyday for a particular time in a day while.. Others 22-May-2016 23:26:11 1 i have to face any prblm if i marry a person who is younger than me by 2 months with 52kg , 6.. Others 05-May-2016 11:25:57 1
Sir my name is rohit. Sir my weight is only 45kg and my age is 22.sir pls suggest some medicine which.. Others 01-May-2016 23:41:49 1
Dear sir or mem in 2002 a dog had bitten me but i have not taken vaccine at that time,and later on after.. Others 30-Apr-2016 16:33:24 1
have cervical degenerative disc disease and I.. Others 23-Jan-2016 12:55:51 1
hi I'm 19 and had sex for the first time last week.. Others 16-Jan-2016 16:04:36 none
i had the nexaplon insertion on the same day and s.. Others 10-Jan-2016 11:09:53 none
8,9,12weeks Eclia hiv 1and 2 ab/ag and 12weeks i d.. Others 08-Jan-2016 12:24:27 none
I inserted Sperm into me 3 days ago and the next m.. Others 07-Jan-2016 01:21:54 1
I am 42 years old and male sex.I am suffering of t.. Others 01-Jan-2016 13:05:50 1
My right side of the face is numb eye vision is bl.. Others 27-Dec-2015 03:32:22 1
so yesterday I tried vamping for the first time. 3.. Others 23-Dec-2015 22:35:30 1
I'm 28 years old and I notice a change in my bowel.. Others 13-Dec-2015 20:02:39 1
Lubricant usage Others 12-Dec-2015 20:35:57 1
I've have red bumps on the back on my throat for .. Others 11-Dec-2015 14:37:42 1
when I get out of bed and apply pressure it hurts .. Others 06-Dec-2015 07:53:53 none
deaf problems Others 04-Dec-2015 11:15:58 1
I'm 17 female I have a lot of period pain that is .. Others 01-Dec-2015 09:46:29 none
17, male, 208 lbs, 5'7. Am I overweight or obese? .. Others 28-Nov-2015 11:44:34 1
I think I might have a blister on my lip but I don.. Others 18-Nov-2015 06:35:48 1
Yesterday morning I took my contraceptive pill as .. Others 18-Nov-2015 03:15:42 1
just have the generic question one pill was take.. Others 16-Nov-2015 00:33:46 2
which test is good for Parents 50+ Others 10-Nov-2015 08:11:31 1