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Sir, recently my child has come across a urethroplasty surgery. He is just 9 months old. After surgery.. Paediatrics 10-Aug-2016 23:46:02 1
My baby is 5 month. baby ko green loose motion in 5 time today.. Paediatrics 08-Aug-2016 22:54:58 1
I was advised by a doctor cefixime oral(bactofix 100) for. My one year kid. I missed two doses in.. Paediatrics 08-Aug-2016 04:08:13 1
My newborn was advised to take ossopan d 5ml twice a day along with Health OK drops and A-Zdrops? Why.. Paediatrics 04-Aug-2016 21:13:23 1
Why is my newborn advices to take 5ml ossopan d twice a day along with health OK drops and A-Z.. Paediatrics 04-Aug-2016 21:10:04 1
my sister is 16 years old ,she has wbc count 17500 an lymphocyts 11.6%,neutrophils 81.6% and high.. Paediatrics 03-Aug-2016 10:43:38 1
Myself nayana. Blessed with twin gals on may 18th. Premature csection at 36th week. On birth one of my.. Paediatrics 02-Aug-2016 00:28:06 1
my son 4 years old fiver from last six days what i do sir or madam( i am give parasitmol liquid.. Paediatrics 30-Jul-2016 10:06:08 1
Hello dr.. My soon is 8 month old.. his weight if only 6 kgs.. His birth weight was 2.5 kg.. so i thot.. Paediatrics 30-Jul-2016 10:05:05 1
Hi doctor, my baby girl have 9months 14 days.Doctor suggested BUDECORT 0.5mg with nirlife.Nirlife have.. Paediatrics 25-Jul-2016 23:10:05 1
i am 24 yr girl i have safe sex with my boyfriend but now i am getting married so will be problem in my marriage life.what i do ? Paediatrics 28-May-2016 16:06:53 1
Need to ask about my daughter as she is only 3 monts.. Paediatrics 12-Mar-2016 18:22:07 1
my baby 20 months old -- eating disorder Paediatrics 26-Aug-2015 10:09:47 1
Rashes Paediatrics 16-Mar-2015 15:27:01 1
should I take him to hospital right away or can I wait until his pediatrician is open on Monday? Paediatrics 01-Mar-2015 12:02:22 1
i had given my 7 yr old cough medicine like 30 mins ago is it ok to give her prednisone now Paediatrics 22-Feb-2015 08:17:00 1
my son's fever is not coming down after 4 hours of giving him meftal 60mg. also gave him crocin jr. after 4 hrs please advice Paediatrics 12-Feb-2015 00:07:34 1
about fever Paediatrics 29-Jan-2015 00:46:48 1
4 yr old daughter has red cheeks has not gone away look rash like no fever acts just fine eats and drinks Paediatrics 18-Jan-2015 09:08:11 1
do i need to bring daughter to Doctor Paediatrics 14-Jan-2015 05:12:54 1
Baby fell off bed 7 days ago and hit forehead. Is he ok? Paediatrics 12-Jan-2015 15:43:36 1
son had surgery to put g tube in 9 days ago. why is there a big swollen, possibly knot, above the g tube? Paediatrics 12-Jan-2015 09:34:44 1
3 year old child having dry cough Paediatrics 05-Jan-2015 19:17:02 1
suffering from dry cough 3 years old kid Paediatrics 27-Dec-2014 20:31:39 1
what should I do about my pseudotumor cerebri I pain in my head Paediatrics 14-Dec-2014 19:56:38 1
My 17 Month baby has gur gur cold sound in nostril path but no mucos is coming from nose Paediatrics 01-Dec-2014 21:18:42 1
More sneezing and nose itchiness for My 16 Month old baby Paediatrics 25-Nov-2014 22:05:26 2
pediatrics Paediatrics 22-Nov-2014 15:04:50 1
why am I puking and having headaches and feeling dizzy? Paediatrics 04-Nov-2014 22:07:55 1
My 1mo and 27 day old baby hasnt poop for 3 days now, she seems ok, shes a bit gassy even before, exclusive breastfed baby, is it normal? What should i do? Paediatrics 10-Oct-2014 13:47:05 1
BABY FALL DOWN Paediatrics 11-Sep-2014 11:09:05 1
son too slow learner Paediatrics 10-Sep-2014 23:32:49 2
what is recommended for a child suffering from stomach pain diarrhea and vomiting. Paediatrics 09-Sep-2014 19:57:32 1