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Health checkup (Hyderabad) - Whole Body Checkup

Whole body checkup helps assess any health risks in a person in any part of the body related to any organ. This test is recommended for everyone above the age of 25 years.

Getting whole body checkup helps you stay updated about the current health status, so that you can take precautionary measures to prevent any future disorders based on your lifestyle, family history and your health profile.

Whole body checkup includes 59 tests covering all functional organs of the system, which includes the following:

  • Abdomen check ( ultrasound of abdomen)

  • Blood Grouping

  • Complete blood count/Full Blood examination

  • Cancer Markers ( PSA, Pap Smear)

  • Cardiac Function Tests (2D - Echo Cardiograph, ECG, Treadmill/ Cardiac Stress TEST, X-Ray Chest PA/ AP/ Lateral View)

  • Diabetes Tests (Fasting Plasma Sugar, Glycosylated Haemoglobulin (HBA1C), Post Lunch Plasma Sugar, Complete Urine Examination)

  • Infection Markers (Hepatitis B Screening (HBsAg)

  • Inflammation Markers (ESR)

  • Kidney Function Tests (Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid,)

  • Liver Function Tests (V Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid)

  • Brain Screening (CT Scan)

  • Thyroid Function Tests (T3, T4, TSH)

  • Total Lipid Profile

Healthcare in Hyderabad

As of 2005 National Family Survey

  • For every 10,000 people in the city, there are 17.6 hospital beds, 9 specialist doctors, 14 nurses and 6 physicians, as of 2010-2011

  • Rapid urbanization and increased economic activity has also led to increased industrial waste, and water pollution.

  • The survey also reported that a third of women and a quarter of men are overweight or obese; 49% of children below 5 years are anemic, and up to 20% of children are underweight, 55–56,

  • More than 2% of women and 3% of men suffer from diabetes.

  • The socio-economic strata consist of 20% upper class, 50% middle class and 30% working class.