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Health Checkups in Visakhapatnam

Health is a state of complete, physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity, say health experts. It sounds very apt, considering that an individual will be able to realize the full potential of his /her life, only if healthy.

In India the concept of primary healthcare is taking precedence as this enables accessibility of healthcare to all. As part of this concept DesiMD has been striving to make healthcare convenient for all through online, where you can access any health service on a single platform including Health Checkup Packages (HCPs) and health information in the form of articles.

Health Checkup Packages in Visakhapatnam:

On this page you find a range of Health Checkup Packages available at various hospitals and diagnostic centers in Visakhapatnam where you can buy HCPs convenient to you, location-wise, cost-wise and the health checkup that suits your need.

Obesity, thyroid, renal, cardiac, diabetes, senior citizen, child checkups, complete gastro-liver checkup, complete women health checkup, antenatal health checkup, well-woman checkup, young woman etc are available in hospitals and Diagnostic Centers such as Lazarus Hospitals, Visakha Diabetes and Endocrine Centers, Manipal Hospitals, Thyrocare Aarogyam ( various packages) on Discount offers are available between 10- 30 percent for different packages.

Health Status in Visakhapatnam

The nutritional status determines the health status of people. The scheduled tribal population of Visakhapatnam have shown to have nutritional deficiency in a study published in The Dawn Journal. The average intake of food items in the sample population of Visakhapatnam District is not up to the suggested level. This malnutrition may be one of the causes for their high disease prevalence in the study area where females show 28 per cent of the population. Malaria and general fevers are widely prevalent in the study areas according to the Journal. Most of the tribal population here, do not believe in allopathy treatment and so health education is very important to help get treated for their diseases.

A National Sample Survey and National Institute of Nutrition Survey across India on the consumption of food grains in the urban and rural areas have shown that a typical average Indian diet consist of cereals which is poor in quality, ill balanced and fails to supply the necessary nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies cause associated diseases like poor resistance, anemia, thyroid problems, weakness, fatigue and more serious disorders, overtime. The staple food of Visakhapatnam and its tribal areas includes Jowar, Ragi, Bajra, millets and rice.