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Employee-Engagement - Jason P

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 5 Jan 2017 - 16:04

Patient name: Jason P
Problem: High Stress and Poor Health Management
Affected: The individual’s career, Family and Organization
Challenge: Drop in Productivity levels
Solution: Better resources and information

blank photoNeglecting health over time can cost the individual, family and the  employer dearly.

Shraddha Jason P – wife of Jason, a 32 year old, high performer at work, from a reputed software firm (name masked) in Hyderabad - talks of her husband’s predicament with his health and career.

Challenge: Jason P, 34 years old, AVP (Associate Vice President) in a software company, finds himself doing very well in his career, popular with his peer group, one day finds himself in distress and in dilemma over his health and his future.

The Problem: Shraddha says “As a high performer, his seniors had high expectations from my husband, and gave him multiple projects to handle. He worked almost 12-14 hrs. every day to meet his deadlines and commitments. He had no time for himself or for his family and slowly stress and depression set in. He started to put on weight over a period of time later turning obese. He never found the time to exercise or care about his health. Before he knew, it led to diabetes, which is already in the family. With diabetes his sugar levels were rarely under control and that affected his sight too. Despite the organization having a gym and other resources to fight stress, it was of no help to him.”

Due to job stress, poor lifestyle and lack of time, his life took a new turn. It affected his work performance and his appraisals big time, adding to his stress and anxiety”.  She adds, “I told him to take a break. It has not only affected him but me and my kid too, because I am under stress too.”

The solution: Jason quit his job and is now going through weight loss and diabetes therapy. He is improving but it cost the family dearly, in terms of the cost and time, and the orgnanization with valued resource.

With counselling and health talks, Jason was forced to attend, he’s now taking his health seriously and making necessary lifestyle modifications. 


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