A Precious Accessory for Good Health?
Health Tips

A Precious Accessory for Good Health?

Tip of the Day: 

You guessed it! It's the precious SMILE! It's an accessory you should never forget to take with you wherever, whenever and whatever the situation may be. It's that million dollar smile that sets many things right. It's completely free of cost and available any time with you.

It's precious because it adds immense value to your health and face. Find some ways it benefits you:

  • Makes you attractive: A smile instantly draws attention of people to you. It radiates peace and charm. It eases things around you             unlike a frown or a grimaced look.
  • Reduces Stress: While it is hard to smile while in stress, it's the easiest thing to do to reduce your stress. It calms you down. Research findings show that there are both physiological and psychological benefits from maintaining positive facial expressions.  It was found that study participants who were smiling, regardless of whether they were aware of smiling, had lower heart rates during stress recovery than the neutral group.
  • Improves immune system: Smiling helps boost immunity by releasing positive hormones.  It’s the simplest way to enhance your immunity. So smile more often and keep away colds and coughs.
  • Lowers blood pressure: Smiling also helps lower blood pressure. Monitoring your blood pressure helps you see for yourself the reduction in blood pressure levels.
  • Helps relieve pain: Smile releases serotonin and endorphins the happy hormones released when you run. Study results show that pain thresholds are significantly higher after laughter than in the control condition. It’s the natural way for pain management.
  • Gives a youthful look: Smiling makes you look and feel good inside and outside. The muscles used for smiling lift the face which makes a person look younger and feel lighter too.
  • Adds the Leadership & trustworthy qualities: A smiling person is believed to be in control of things and is a leadership technique. Such a person is more trusted and approachable than a person with a serious face.

So smile more everyday and reap the numerous health benefits it brings with it.