Flatter Stomach in 10 Days
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Flatter Stomach in 10 Days

Tip of the Day: 

To have a flatter stomach is everyone's dream. Following simple tips with commitment helps this happen steadily and surely with time.

Here are some tips:

1) Water:  Drink water before and after every meal and through the day. When you drink water before the meal, it stops you from overeating, and drinking after the meal aids in digestion and bio- chemical break down of the food. Water is the center of our life. Water not only clears your system of toxins but also aids in digestion. It helps to carry the nutrients to the cells. It keeps us hydrated which also helps to keep our skin soft and supple. It aids in metabolic activity. Good metabolism is essential to keep the body and you healthy and active. It also regulates the body temperature to keep you comfortable.

2) Meal ahead of bed time: Eat 3-4 hours before going to bed. Eat light dinner helps simply because it is easy on the digestive system when your body is resting. As part of a healthy diet and weight loss program, when you stop eating close to bed time, it can help you reach your goal. If you eat a heavy meal just before going to bed the possibility of it sitting in your tummy is more and puts stress on the digestive system and disturbs your metabolism and your sleep.

3) Do about 100 ab crunches every day: Abdomen crunches helps to tone the flab around your tummy. It helps in staying flexible and keeps you fit. Traditional crunches and sit-ups help tone your abdomen and stabilize your core. Practicing other exercises makes it simpler to do your ab-crunches. It helps to burn the fat and reduce the flab, thereby tightening the tummy area, making you look slimmer and in shape.

4) Avoid sugar, food made from refined flour: Sugar and refined flour are enemies of weight loss program. They add bad carbs to your diet, which are normally the culprits for weight gain and obesity. Sugar has empty calories that turns into fat, if not burned with exercises. Refined flour and sugar are refined carbohydrates that are not useful to the body, as the original natural elements such as fiber, healthy oils, vitamins, and minerals are lost during the refining process. Eg.  breads, crackers, pastries, baked goods, pastas, cereals, ice cream, chocolates, pizza, sandwiches, fast foods and snack foods of all types.

On the other hand complex carbohydrates are rich in fiber and take longer to digest, such as fresh vegetables, beans peas and whole grains like oats, rye barley, brown rice and whole wheat. So eat more of these to help in weight loss and flatter tummy.

5) Eat fist size food every hour - Eating five to seven small meals a day helps speed up your metabolism, improves energy levels and prevents muscle loss. Eating every two hours keeps your metabolism high and your insulin levels stable. Every meal should contain a portion of lean protein. Protein helps to preserve muscle mass and keeps your appetite at bay. It is essential to consume fruits and vegetables daily to ensure you are getting enough fiber for a healthy colon and your daily vitamins and minerals. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and seeds like flax seeds, sunflower seeds must be a part of your diet.