Eat, to Burn Fat ?
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Eat, to Burn Fat ?

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Eat to lose weight? Sounds, too good to be true? Researches claim that there are many foods that are conducive to weight loss and that can actually help you to burn calories.

Some foods actually turn up the heat on your metabolism thanks to their thermogenic effect on the body, boosting the body’s ability to burn fat. These foods will not only help you cut down on calories but will also increase your metabolism. The key is to replace the fat-laden foods you would otherwise eat, with these fat-burning foods.

Here are some of the most important fat-burning foods, which will help you inch closer to your fitness goals:

Green Tea

Green tea has a chemical called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that causes the brain and nervous system to run faster and helps you burn more calories. EGCG is a polyphenol, which aids in the production of certain proteins and alkaloids. Recent data from human studies indicate that the consumption of green tea and green tea extracts may help reduce body weight, mainly body fat, by increasing postprandial thermogenesis and fat oxidation.


Don’t underestimate the power of cinnamon, it’s not just for baking anymore.  Several studies worldwide have shown that cinnamon helps promote weight loss, boosts metabolism and reduce the level of insulin resistance. So add 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of this spice to smoothies, yoghurt, sprinkle it on your cereal, or flavour your coffee with it or simply add it to a warm glass of water.


Consuming foods with spices such as red hot peppers or black pepper increases thermogenesis and can potentially have a significant effect on feelings of satiety and fat oxidation.  A study published in the Journal of Proteome Research, reports that capsaicin, an ingredient that gives chilli peppers their kick may help fight obesity. A mere half-teaspoon can give you the full thermogenic effect.

Egg whites

Egg whites are another great fat-burning food as they have a lot of protein, which helps your body burn fat and calories while building muscle. Thanks to their high-quality protein, eggs help you stay full for longer compared to other refined breakfast options. Another health benefit of egg whites is that they're very low in calories, helping you reach your weight loss goals.


For most of us, a cup of coffee is necessary to kick start the day in the morning. Caffeine that is present in coffee is an effective weight loss and fat burning agent. According to one study, 600 mg of caffeine per day (4-6 cups of coffee) can help you burn an additional 79-150 calories per day.


Almonds among other nuts are considered a superfood because of their healthy monounsaturated fats, protein and fiber which provide a triple punch to help burn fat and curb appetite. Almonds can be consumed raw or can be added to a salad but unsalted. Note: always opt for the unsalted variety.


Oatmeal is packed with soluble fiber. This not only gives you lots of energy, feeling of satiety, but it also cleans out fat hiding in your digestive system and the cholesterol clogging your arteries. A study published in Plant Foods for Human Nutrition concluded that consumption of oats, reduced obesity, abdominal fat, improved lipid profiles and liver functions. A bowl of porridge in the morning is perfect to gear your metabolism.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fat that fights fat as it contains monounsaturated fat that helps you burn body fat. Olive oil helps to keep cholesterol levels under control and satisfy cravings. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, shows that those who ate Olive oil-enriched diet were more likely to lose weight than those following a lower-fat diet. Olive oil is a better option to butter or vegetable oil.


Apples are a great fat-burning fruit because they're packed with fiber which helps you feel fuller longer and boost metabolism. They are also are high in pectin, which binds with water and limits the amount of fat, your cells can absorb. According to a German study, antioxidant polyphenols in apples help avoid your body from storing fat. So include an apple in your snacks, as an apple a day keeps the weight away!

To turn your body into a fat burning machine, make sure include a variety of these foods into your diet, every day.




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