The Way to a Healthy Liver
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The Way to a Healthy Liver

Mehvish Hamdare profile Authored by Mehvish Hamdare on 20 Nov 2014 - 15:59.

Lying beneath your ribs is your liver, the largest internal organ in your body. The body relies on the liver to perform many vital functions which includes:

  • Detoxification of the blood to rid it of harmful toxins, drugs and alcohol.
  • Storage of vitamins and minerals, especially iron.
  • Production of bile which enables you to digest fat.
  • Destruction of old red blood cells.
  • Production of clotting factors.
  • Regulation of digestion, metabolism, sugar, fats and cholesterol.

Liver also produces a variety of proteins, including enzymes, hormones, and immune factors, which play a significant role in protecting the body from various forms of diseases. When the liver is overworked due to stress or excessive exposure to toxins, the entire system can be thrown off balance and your health severely compromised. Good nutrition can keep your liver healthy to perform its crucial functions to keep the body in good health.

Even though our body has its own natural detoxification system, we can contribute our bit to by eating healthy food such as:


Garlic may both prevent and reverse liver damage as it is loaded with sulfur that activates liver enzymes to flush out toxins.  Fresh garlic contains high levels of antioxidants which are known to protect the liver from natural and environmental toxins. Presence of two natural compounds,allicin and selenium in garlic, aid in liver cleansing action. According to a 2009 study in the Internet Journal of Nutrition and Wellness, fresh garlic extract administered to mice overdosed on acetaminophen, reversed the oxidative stress causing liver toxicity.


Turmeric is the liver’s favourite spice and acst as a natural form of detox for your liver. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nature of curcumin can help in restoring liver health and can aid in liver diseases such as cirrhosis. Turmeric helps the liver by increasing the bile flow. This way, it removes the accumulated toxins and rejuvenates the liver cells, recharging them to resume breaking down toxins. A pinch of turmeric in your soups, curries and milk can help heal liver infections.

Green tea

Green tea is a liver loving beverage as it is loaded with powerful antioxidant called EGCG which protects liver cells against the damaging effects of free radicals and has been shown in studies to eliminate liver fat accumulation and promote proper liver function. A large Japanese study reported in the 2009 issue of “Cancer Causes and Control” found that drinking green tea was inversely related to the risk of developing liver cancer. According to a study published in Liver International an increased consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of liver disease.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which is an important anti-oxidant and helps your body eliminate toxics, aid in digestion and protect your liver cells from free radical damage. According to a recent medical report, lemon and other citrus fruits contain a plant pigment called cryptoxanthin that may significantly improve liver health. Citrus peel contains beneficial compounds such as polymethosxylated flavones (PMFs) and d-limonene that have been found to lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, and activate liver detoxification.


Hydrate your body as often as you can to prevent dehydration and help your liver function better.


Tomato is good for liver health due to its outstanding antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Raw tomatoes do a great job of detoxifying the liver; probably with the presence of chlorine and sulfur in tomatoes. According to some studies, 51 mg of chlorine and 11 mg of sulfur in 100 grams size of tomato have a vital role in detoxification process. Chlorine works in stimulating the liver and its functions for filtering and detoxifying body wastes. Sulfur in tomatoes protects the liver from cirrhosis. A tomato a day, keeps the liver in good stay.


Fish is a liver-friendly food, not only for its excellent source of protein but also for its high omega 3 fatty acid content.  Omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory and beneficial for people with raised liver enzyme, indicating an inflamed liver. According to a recent Spanish study, diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids may protect the liver from damage caused by obesity and insulin resistance.

Things you can do

  • You can clean up your organs, especially the liver, with healthy diet.
  • Consume plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables rich in anti-oxidants, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds to supply essential nutrientsforall the organs of the body.
  • Avoid preserved, packaged foodd.
  • Include good amount of fibre in your diet.
  • Eat a balance diet by having small frequent meals.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, smoking, fats, caffeine, refined sugar and excessive spices as these items do not offer nutritional benefits to the body but do put stress on the liver.
  • Limit your salt intake.
  • Exercise regularly or do yoga,which massages the organs and keeps it healthy.


*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.