A Diverse Diet Could Improve Gut Health: Study
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A Diverse Diet Could Improve Gut Health: Study

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 17 Jul 2015 - 15:26


According to Mark Heiman, VP and chief scientific officer at Microbiome Therapeutics, the simple act of not having a diverse diet for a long time could contribute to conditions such as gastrointestinal diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other health conditions.

The diet plays a huge role in maintaining the microbiome of the gut, which do everything from regulating digestion, improving the uptake of nutrients from food to even regulating the metabolic and immune system. The microbiome contains trillions of bacteria (microbiota) in a solution of unabsorbed macro- and micro-nutrients. 

Following a diverse diet could help improve all these aspects. In contrast, currently, around 75% of the population of the world sticks to the consumption of just upto 12 plant and 5 animal species.

"Like any ecosystem, the one that is most diverse in species is the one that is going to be the healthiest," Heiman explained. "In almost every disease state that has been studied so far, the microbiome has lost diversity. There are just a few species that seem to dominate."

He conducted studies that revealed that adding a variety of foods rich in nutrients to the diet could help protect individuals from obesity, weight gain, colon inflammation, constipation and several other problems.

He recommends that we give it a thought about the food that we eat, and avoid sticking to fad diets, rather, consume healthy and nutrient rich foods every day. 


Reference: Institute of Food Technologists



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