Meditation: Relaxing and Uplifting for the Body, Mind and Soul
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Meditation: Relaxing and Uplifting for the Body, Mind and Soul

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 5 Sep 2015 - 12:48


Relaxation is often implied to watching TV, a movie, shopping or spending time with friends.  But true relaxation does not come from outside, it is rather created inside, in your mind. It is a meditation technique which sparks of relaxation signals to the body. Just spending 20 minutes meditating in a quiet environment with deep breathing exercise can calm your mind and let go off depression, stress and anxiety.  

Meditation with an intention to ‘remain calm’ which is directed toward your emotional, physical or mental health helps attain that peace within. It is about training your mind to think what you want to think, rather than allowing the mind to think what it wants to. In simple words it is about controlling your mind.

 “There’s a reason why experienced meditators live so long and look so young,” says Eva Selhub MD, medical director of the Mind/ Body Medical institute.

Some meditations types that help to relax are:

  • Mantra meditation: In this type of meditation you silently keep repeating a word or a phrase in a specific way that will stop distracting you from other thoughts.
  • Mindfulness meditation: Here you focus on what you experience during meditation, such as the flow of your breath. New study reveals that mindfulness meditation can ease psychological stress, depression, pain and anxiety, according to JAMA Internal Medicine.
  • Concentration meditation: Concentration is at the heart of all types of meditations. Here you need to train your mind to concentrate on a certain object in order to cut off all distractions.
  • Creative meditation: This is a different type of meditation technique that will help to strengthen different qualities of your mind such as love, patience, compassion, tenderness, joy, humility and appreciation.

Current analysis show that people who meditate regularly seem to be free from physical as well emotional stress including:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Cognitive decline
  • Muscle strength
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Stress relieve
  • Psychological benefits
  • Trait anxiety

Well, all we need to do is find some time in a day, called the “my time”, to go within and find that peace inside which helps to de-stress. Once you know the technique of calming the noisy mind, peace flows in effortlessly.  This technique comes with constant practice over a period of time.  So, try it, practice it and enjoy the goodness of health and peace.


Reference: Journal: JAMA Internal Medicine

University: Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Mind/Body Medical Institute



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