Physical Activity May Cut Down the Risk in COPD Patients
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Physical Activity May Cut Down the Risk in COPD Patients

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 14 Apr 2014 - 15:54

Individuals suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) may now benefit from physical activity, thanks to a new study published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, which found how exercise could reduce the risk of hospital readmission within 30 days.

Examining the health records of 6,042 patients, the researchers reported physical activity and performed routine clinical visits to check for vital signs such as blood pressure. Individuals who exercised for 150 minutes a week were found to have a 34 percent lower risk of being readmitted to the hospital than those who were inactive.

The researchers also found that less than 150 minutes of moderate to rigorous exercise could still have a 33 percent lower risk of readmission into the hospital than those who did not exercise at all.

"The results of this study are ground breaking because measures of physical activity were derived from routine clinical care, instead of lengthy physical activity surveys or activity devices in smaller research samples," lead author of the study, Huong Nguyen, PhD, RN, of the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation, explained. "Previous research has only analysed the relationship between physical inactivity and increased mortality rate and hospitalizations, but not 30-day readmissions in patients with COPD."

This new study has shed light on the fact how physical activity could actually be a commendable healthcare intervention that could reduce hospital readmissions in COPD patients.




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