TV Screen Time Linked to Increased Blood Pressure Risk
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TV Screen Time Linked to Increased Blood Pressure Risk

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 2 Mar 2015 - 10:38

The findings of a new study have revealed that children who spend more than two hours watching TV in a day have a higher risk of being affected by high blood pressure, and the risk can increase as much as 30 percent. To add to that, no physical activity a day can further increase the risk by 50 percent.

Many previous studies have already pointed out to the link between sedentary lifestyle and obesity, and now, these findings have found a link between reduced physical activity and high blood pressure. "The figures are worrying, given that sedentary behaviours are common in infancy and subsequently, later in life," the researchers say.

The researchers studied 5221 children from across eight European countries for a period of two years and found that the incidence of high blood pressure among these 2-10 year olds was high - around 110 in every 1000 children.

The researchers also stress on the fact that high blood pressure can in turn, lead to several cardiovascular problems such as an increased risk of ischemic heart disease. They recommend stressing on the importance of physical activity from the young age itself, and limiting sedentary activities such as playing video games or watching TV for no longer than 2 hours a day. 






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