Vitamin D May Improve Symptoms of Winter-Related Atopic Dermatitis in Children
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Vitamin D May Improve Symptoms of Winter-Related Atopic Dermatitis in Children

Authored by DesiMD Doctor on 7 Oct 2014 - 10:08

Taking into consideration more than 100 school children in Mongolia, a research studyreveals that a treatment involving daily consumption of vitamin D supplement could significantly reduce the intensity of symptoms associated with winter-related atopic dermatitis.

"While we don't know the exact proportion of patients with atopic dermatitis whose symptoms worsen in the winter, the problem is common," says Carlos Camargo, MD, DrPH, MGH Department of Emergency Medicine. "In this large group of patients, who probably had low levels of vitamin D, taking daily vitamin D supplements -- which are inexpensive, safe and widely available -- proved to be quite helpful."

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the skin and makes it more prone to bacterial infections. This condition is known to turn worse during the winter, which is why, many researchers tried exposing the area of skin to UV light to stimulate the production of vitamin D, which could improve the symptoms.

This new study however, involved the use of a daily vitamin D supplement having a dose of 1000 IU. The researchers noted that the study subjects who received the supplement demonstrated 29 percent improvement in their condition.

These findings seem to be in sync with the other results, which pointed out to how 98 percent of those suffering from atopic dermatitis were deficient in vitamin D. Based on these new findings, the researchers recommend the intake of vitamin D supplements and exposure to sun for those affected with the condition.




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