DesiMd provides an avenue to hospitals to enhance their visibility among the large number of users who visit DesiMd site for healthcare intelligence needs and other health care requirements. The benefits to hospitals include:

Upload Healthcare Packages

DesiMD offers a unique platform for registered hospitals to put up their preventive and treatment packages on its portal thus enabling another online marketing channel on DesiMD Hospitals get good visibility while DesiMD promotes online healthcare packages to Indians globally to purchase them as a gift for their family members living in India .

Treatment Package

*DesiMD is working to build a unique platform for hospitals to enlist their treatment packages for various health disorders on its portal. The platform enables: Hospitals to register in this section by specialty and put out their services (such as days of stay, treatment cost, etc., in a treatment package). Indian patients (across the globe) can access these treatment packages by taking informed decisions before seeking a medical service/ procedure from the hospital through the information on the hospital profile such as cost of the service and the healthcare professionals associated with the hospital.
* This service will be available shortly.

Health needs people look for

People look for primary health care when they fall sick or suffer from some illness. A competent physician in the nearby location, who is available always, at an affordable cost, will cater to their need. Normally fifty percent of the patients are women and children and hence they prefer a female doctor specialized in obstetrician / gynaecologist or a child specialist (paediatrician) to attend to their health needs. Similarly an Eye specialist and a Dentist in that area though not on the same premises may be helpful. When they are referred to a specialist doctor, (in areas like cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, psychiatry, diabetes, general medicine, general surgery, ENT and orthopaedics,) they prefer to have specialists in the same premises, on visiting basis or available at a nearby hospital.

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DesiMd provides an avenue to hospitals to enhance their visibility among the large number of visitors/patients who visit DesiMD site for healthcare information and other healthcare requirements.

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