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Narayana Multispeciality Hospital - Jaipur


Sector - 28, Kumbha Marg, Pratap Nagar - Sangane, Jaipur - 302033, Rajasthan, India.

Call DesiMD @ 91 40 4242 8282.


  • Year of Estd: 2011

  • Facility Type: Tertiary

  • No. of Bed: 300

  • Med Spec: English Medicine



About Us

Narayana Health (formerly known as Narayana Hrudayalaya), one of India's largest and World's most economical healthcare service providers is set to emerge as a global industry model for itsability to reconcile quality, affordability, scale, transparency, credibility and sustainable profitability. Equipped with all super-specialty and tertiarycare facilities that the medical world has to offer, it is now a one-stop destination for any healthcare requirement a common man needs. It may be notedthat the affluent come here for the world's best healthcare and the poor come here for the focused attention they can get from a private hospital. No oneis refused treatment due to lack of funds.


Anesthetia & Critical Care

  •  Narayana Health offer 24/7 care to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions who need continuous monitoring to be carried out by a multidisciplinary team.
  • Such situations arise in case of

             i.      Haemodynamic instability (hypertension/ hypotension),

             ii.     Airway or respiratory compromise (such as ventilator support),

            iii.     Acute renal failure,

            iv.     Potentially lethal cardiac arrhythmias,

             v.     The cumulative effects of multiple organ system failure,

             vi.   Even in the crucial hours after major surgeries when the patient is deemed too unstable to transfer to a less intensively monitored unit.Such situations arise in case of     

  • This discipline is technologically advanced and resource-intensive area of medical care and it integrates many specialties and diverse technologies, holding out the hope of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill. 
  • Medical emergencies are increasing at an exponential rate every day. Every Indian hospital encounters an increasing number of acute cases in the form of Trauma, Medical, Surgical, Gynaecological and Paediatric emergencies and hence the need for adequate resources which include a well equipped and sophisticated emergency room with agile doctors, paramedics and staff nurse versatile in dealing with all sorts of emergencies.
  • Emergency Care does not begin and end in the emergency room because emergencies may arise anywhere and everywhere and hence the need for coverage from pre-hospital care till the patient’s transfer to definitive care is the ICU.
  • Hospital provide 24x7 services and critical care area is managed by highly qualified consultants with DM & Fellowship in Critical Care.


 Adult :
  • Provision to perform 60 heart surgeries per day
  • Pulmonary Endarterectomy for chronic pulmonary embolism
  • Aneurysm repairs
  • Electrophysiology
  • Endovascular interventions for aneurysms and radio frequency ablations
  • Valve repairs and ROSS procedures
  • Left Ventricular remodeling / Dor’s procedure
  • Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
  • Congenital Heart Disease: Percutaneous (without surgery) closure of various holes in the heart (VSD, ASD, PDA etc.)
  • Percutaneous treatment of Aortic stenosis (TAVI) – implementation of aortic valve without operation.
  • Heart Lung Transplantation
Paediatrics :
  • Over16 heart operations on children every day
  • Extensive experience in device closure for ASD and VSD
  • Largest experience in surgery for tetralogy of fallot
  • Device closures and Valvuloplasties in various congenital heart defects

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Inpatient Services :
  • Our clinical dietitians conduct comprehensive nutritional assessments for inpatients to identify goals for improving nutritional intake and health. Individualized care plans are designed to meet the patient’s specific medical and lifestyle needs. Patients receive nutrition education as needed. A variety of lectures and programs concerning nutrition wellness and health are provided.
Nutrition Clinics :
Nutritional counseling, provided by dietitians in a private, confidential setting, is available at the hospital.
Specialty areas include:
  • Management of weight, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, Dialysis and Non Dialysis, gastrointestinal disorders etc
  • Oncology nutrition
  • Wellness nutrition
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Obesity Clinic
For nutritional counseling, patients can either contact directly or can be referred by a physician.
 Cancer Center
  • Patients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy can meet with a dietitian to help optimize their nutritional status. The dietitian also assists patients with dietary strategies to minimize side effects that may occur during cancer therapy.
Community Outreach 
  • The dietitians at NH are also involved in many community programs. Lectures are offered to women’s & senior citizen groups, school programs, various support groups and local corporations. Dietitians also participate in many community health fairs for various age groups. They are also involved in poster presentation or talks on special occasions like Nutrition Week, Dietetics Day, and Children’s Day.
Food Services
  • The Food Services staff works very closely with the dietitians to offer attractive, nutritionally adequate and satisfying menus. Food Services provide meals and snacks for patients, staff, guests and visitors. The staff takes great care to prepare and expedite the appropriate physician-ordered diet order for patients.
Therapeutic diets for patients
  • Provide Therapeutic diets for the in patients like Diabetic diet, Low Salt, High Protein, etc according to the patient’s condition, likes and dislikes, which help the patients to recover fast.

Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery is surgery to treat many diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaws and face) region. It is an internationally recognized surgical specialty.
  • Craniofacial surgery is a specialized area of facial surgery that deals with the management of congenital (at birth) deformities affecting the face.
  • Defects typically treated by craniofacial surgeons include craniosynostosis (early fusion of skull sutures), rare facial clefts, and various syndromic conditions affecting the face such as Cruzon syndrome,  Apert's Syndrome, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Pierre robin syndrome, Hemifacial microsomia and many others.
  • Most patients with craniofacial deformities can be diagnosed at a very young age and if treated very early the outcomes are better. 
Orthognathic and Orthomorphic Surgery
  • Orthognathic surgery is the surgical correction of the anomalies of the upper and lower jaws due to abnormal form, growth and relationships. Some jaw anomalies can also be caused by tempro-mandibular Joint disorders, treatment of such deformities involves a combination of orthodontic treatment with braces and surgical correction of a complete lasting correction of the deformity. Treatment planning is done using advanced Orthognathic treatment planning software platform from Dolphin Imagine where the patient can view his or her final facial appearance even before the treatment starts.
  • Orthomorphic surgery is a one stage surgical procedure for correction of mandibular deformities. The ingenious procedure was first described by Prof. Paul C Salins, Chief of Craniofacial services at NH Health city. 
Traumatic Facial Deformity Correction
  • Trauma or injuries to the head and face due to accidents or fights are the single largest cause of death worldwide. Those who manage to survive death due to trauma can end up with a gross facial deformity and suffer from social stigma. Most people are unaware that such deformities can be corrected using techniques from reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgery.  NH also perform Endoscope assisted minimally invasive surgery and navigation surgery to correct traumatic facial deformities.
Tempromandibular Joint Ankylosis And Disorders
  • Tempromandibular joint or the jaw joints have a very important role in the face. It is the only moving joint in the face and like the heart, the joints are constantly functioning throughout our lifetime. Without the jaw joints it would be impossible to talk or eat, therefore injuries to the jaw joint can lead to difficulty in talking and also eating. This can be caused either due to excessive wear and tear of direct injury to the joint, leading to a wide spectrum of disorders from ankylosis (fused jaw joints) to internal derangement of the joint. Ankylosis can also lead to significant facial deformity when untreated. Most patients do not seek treatment and go through great suffering and pain unnecessarily. TMJ  disorders can be managed and corrected.
Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery
  • About 1 out of every 750 babies born each year, is born with a cleft deformity. These deformities vary from a simple one sided incomplete cleft of the lip alone to a complete cleft of the lip, bone and the roof of the mouth (the palate) on both sides of the face. Some facial cleft deformities can also involve the face. Like all other congenital anomalies, initial correction of cleft deformities are best done within a few days after birth. This helps the baby to feed better and provides better aesthetics. The comprehensive management of cleft deformities requires several staged correction and requires interventions by various clinical specialties at different intervals. By following the standardized international protocols, the cleft team delivers cleft care at par with internationally reputed centers
Cysts and Tumors of the Face
  • The head and neck region can become a victim to numerous cysts and tumors. These lesions can range from small to very large sized lesions that can cause gross facial deformities. Tumors can also be either benign or malignant in nature. Fortunately, most of these lesions are well recognized and treatment protocols have been established. 
Dental Implants and More
  • A dental implant is a device usually made of titanium, which resembles the tooth root. It is used to support the tooth restoration. The implant is placed in the jaw following a minor surgery in place of a missing tooth. The surgical wound is allowed to heal for 3 months during which period, the implant fuses with the bone. A prosthetic tooth or a bridge is fabricated over the implant. This procedure provides the most aesthetic result and close resemblance to the natural teeth in appearance and function.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Most consider snoring as a rather simple problem which disturbs others’ sleep. Snoring or the Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), is a potentially serious condition where an individual experiences phases of airway obstruction during sleep momentarily cutting off the oxygen supply to the body. This can have long term effects on the body, increasing the chances of developing cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, stroke and obesity. At NH, we have a dedicated team experienced in the diagnosis and surgical management of OSAS. We also possess a state of the art sleep clinic where polysomnography test is done to accurately diagnose the condition.
Cosmetic Surgery
  • NH also perform an array of cosmetic and facial rejuvenation surgeries involving minor procedures like botox, fillers, scar revision and major procedures like facial sculpting, fat grafting, facelift surgeries, facial implants. The quality of care complies with the international standards.
Maxillo-Facial Prosthetics
  • Major injuries and cancer surgeries of the head and neck may result in extensive defects in the face, which can be cosmetically as well as functionally bothersome to the patients. Post injury or post resection defects of the face can be corrected using artificial substances which mimic facial hard and soft tissues. Lost ear, eye, and nose can be substituted using mimicking materials which resemble normal structures.


  •  Narayana Health provide comprehensive dental care in all specialties of dental surgery in an extremely clean and hygienic environment at an affordable cost.

Dermatology & Cosmetology

NH treats
  • Common skin conditions like eczemas, psoriasis, vitiligo, leprosy,  fungal, viral and common bacterial conditions to name a few. 
  • Common hair disorders like baldness, hair loss, and nail disorders as well.
  • All kinds of allergies. 
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.
In addition to our daily out-patient services we also carry out diagnostic and cosmetic procedures like
  • Skin biopsies 
  • Electrocautery for removal of skin tags
  • Warts curettage of molluscum contagiosum
  • Chemical peels for pigmentation and scars
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Dermaroller for scars
  • Ear piercing 
  • Cryotherapy for warts
  • Corns
  • Intralesional injections for keloids
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Patch testing and allergy testing.
Derma-Oncology (Skin Cancer)

Skin being the largest organ, is subjected to non-stop exposure of various harmful agents such as intense sunlight, UV rays, chemicals and environmental agents. This constant irritation and exposure make the skin susceptible to cancers. Most common types of skin cancers are

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
  • Melanoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinomas
  • Lymphomas
  •  Facelift
  •  Rhinoplasty
  •  Liposuction
  •  Eyelid surgery
  •  Breast Reduction
  •  Breast Augmentation
  •  Breast Lift
  •  Tummy Tuck 
  •   Body Lift.  


NH offers all the facilities to take care of patients with diabetes, its complications including diabetic foot care. We work in close collaboration with the departments of vascular surgery and ophthalmology to treat some of the complicated foot and eye related problems.



  •  The department offers a full range of ENT services with a very high standard of care. 
  •  The ENT Operation theatre is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, endoscopes, carbon dioxide laser, etc. along with facilities for TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedures.


  • The department offers treatment for various pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine related diseases.
  • They work in close collaboration with Neurosurgery, Head and Neck surgery and GI surgery departments as some of the endocrine conditions need combined surgical and medical treatments.




  • Upper GI surgery
  • Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplant
  • Colorectal and liver cancer related surgeries
  • Gall bladder removal
  • Bariatric and other weight loss surgeries
  • Hernia repair
  • Appendix removal

General Surgery

  •  G.I. Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery
  •  Sleeve Gastrectomy
  •  Gastric Bypass Surgery
  •  Laparoscopic Appendectomy 
  •  Cyst removals
  •  Incision & drainage of abscesses
  •  Abdominal surgery,
  •  Advanced haemorrhoidal surgery
  •  Advanced hernia repair & hydrocele surgery (adult and paediatric)
  •  Gallbladder surgery.




Internal Medicine

  • Department of Internal Medicine is geared to provide comprehensive preventive, diagnostic & curative medical services for all patients.
  • The department effectively delivers most recent diagnostic & therapeutic advances rationally to a large number of patients daily.


  •  Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
  •  Peritoneal dialysis (CPD)
  •  Plasma dialysis (Plasmapharesis)
  •  Liver dialysis (MARS Therapy)
  •  Kidney transplant
  •  Combined kidney and liver transplant  
  •  Kidney biopsy. 


  • Autism
  • Learning disabilities
  • Epilepsy
  • Dizziness and Fainting,
  • Chronic tension or stress related headache
  • Migraine
  • Persistent back ache and spine problems,
  • Short term memory loss and dementia,
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cerebral stroke
  • Cancers and Tumours
  • Meningitis or Brain fever
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Semi-somnia
  • Insomnia (sleep disorders)
  • Nerve related issues (stress and nervous tensions) and trauma cases.
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorders and severe depression to less debilitating but common conditions such as anxiety and less severe mood disorders
.Prevention ,treatment ,management and rehabiltation of these conditions are central to comprehensive health care.
Interventional neurology :
  • Paralytic strokes 
  • Brain aneurysms 
  • Arterio venous malformations (AVM’s) of blood supplying the brain and spinal cords using coiling, stenting and embolization.
Neuro Rehabilitation :
  • The objective of this department is to improve a patient's quality of life in case of traumatic case history or simply provide hand-holding and offer support services till the individual is able to manage his life smoothly.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

  • Painless delivery and management of high risk pregnancy
  • Management of normal and instrumental delivery
  • Laparoscopic surgeries - diagnostic & therapeutic
  • Tubectomy
  • Hysteroscopy - diagnostic & therapeutic surgeries
  • Laparoscopic abdominal vaginal hysterectomy
  • Non-descent vaginal hysterectomy
  • Transabdominal hysterectomy.


Breast Oncology :
  •  It has a team of oncoplastic breast surgeons, radiation oncologists and pain and palliative care specialists who have a high success rate in micro-vascular reconstructions of breasts using tissues from the stomach.
Gastro Intestinal Oncology :
  • Narayana Health provides advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques to patients with gastrointestinal cancer. Patients can get ontologically sound surgeries for Colorectal and Liver cancers with minimal access technique, thus ensuring faster recovery & quick return to normal life.
Gynaecological Oncology :
  • At Narayana Health, emphasis is to help young cancer patients of the reproductive age groups - both male & female patients - prior to chemotherapy or radiotherapy through gamete & embryo cryopreservation.
Haematological Oncology :
  • Haemato-oncology is the study of blood related cancers. Blood related cancers account for approximately 10% of all cancers and are primarily leukaemias, lymphomas and multiple myeloma. A wider range of treatments are required for patients with lymphomas or myeloma, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and sometimes surgery.
Head & Neck Oncology :
  • Head & Neck cancer has a team of globally recognized surgical oncologists, ENT otolaryngologists, audiologists as well as pain and palliative specialists. It emphasise on organ preservation and restoration of form, function by reconstructive surgery, radiation treatment and rehabilitation.
Medical Oncology :
  • The Department of Medical Oncology offers cancer treatment provided by a team of qualified medical oncologists experienced in diagnosis, treatment planning and follow-up with chemotherapy, hormonal, biological and targeted therapy.
Neuro Oncology :
  • Neuro-oncology provides an integrated, multi-disciplinary platform for clinicians and basic scientists developing improved therapies for the treatment of adults and children with brain tumors. NH team consists of five consultant Neurosurgeons - with expertise in various dimensions of advanced micro neurosurgical techniques, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist, backed with a dedicated team of support staff.
Ophthalmic Oncology:
Ophthalmic oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with tumors relating to the eye and its adnexa. Eye cancer can affect all parts of the eye. Eye cancers can be primary – which starts within the eye - or metastatic – which spread to the eye from other organs. The two most common cancers that spread to the eye from other organs are breast cancer and lung cancer.

Paediatric Oncology:

  • The treatment of children and young adults with cancer is known as Paediatric Oncology. Cancers in children are of two broad types:

                                                     a) Hematological or Blood related Cancers 

                                             b) Solid Tumours - Tumours that arise from other organs

Derma Oncology :

  • Skin is the largest organ in human body. It is subjected to non-stop exposure of various harmful agents such as intense sunlight, UV rays, chemicals and environmental agents. This constant irritation and exposure make the skin susceptible to cancers. Most common types of skin cancers are:

a) Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

b) Melanoma

c) Squamous Cell Carcinomas

d) Lymphomas

Pain & Pallative Care :
  • Pain is the most common and dreaded symptom in cancer patients. The pain clinic is designed to provide relief from pain sufferings. They deal with the psychological, spiritual, social and occupational distress in patients - as they may lead to increased perception of physical pain.
Radiation Oncology :
  • The department of Radiation Oncology has been conceptualized to provide patient centric, state-of-the-art Radiotherapy treatment of international standards. Narayana Health is equipped with a wide spectrum of conventional as well as high precision Radiation Oncology facilities and radiotherapy techniques such as IGRT, IMRT, SRS, SRT, VMAT and Brachytherapy.
Uro Oncology :
  • Urological Oncology is a sub-specialized branch of genito-urinary surgery. It deals with tumorous lesions of urinary and genital tract, and surrounding areas such as retro peritoneum and adrenal glands. These include tumours of kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, penis, testis and prostate.


  • Anterior segment surgery
  • Retinal ophthalmology, which emphasizes such things as laser treatment of the retina and actual retinal surgery.
  • Cataracts — not usually considered a subspecialty per se, since most general ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery
  • Cornea, ocular surface, and external disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Medical retina, deals with treatment of retinal problems through non-surgical means.
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Ocular oncology
  • Oculoplastics & Orbit surgery
  • Ophthalmic pathology
  • Pediatric ophthalmology/Strabismus (mis-alignment of the eyes)
  • Refractive surgery
  • Uveitis
  • Immunology
  • Veterinary Formal specialty training programs in veterinary ophthalmology now exist in some countries.[20][21]
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery, deals with surgical management of retinal and posterior segment diseases and disorders. Medical retina and vitreo-retinal surgery sometimes together called posterior segment subspecialisatio


  • Joint, knee, hip and shoulder replacement
  • Arthritis and custom implant surgeries
  • Sports related injuries which can be extremely painful and traumatic
  • Arthroscopy, knee, shoulder and ankle arthroscopy
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Subacrominal decompression
  • Msaicrominal andarticular cartilage implantation 
  • Management of hand fractures, soft tissues of hand
  • Mal united fractures
  • Infections of hand and upper limb crush
  • Hand injuries
  • Tendon
  • Nerve repair
  • Reconstruction
  • Tumours of hand and upper limb
  • Congenital deformity
  • Rheumatoid hand
  • Soft tissue affections
  • Elbow, radial head and joint replacement


  • paediatric urology and reconstructive urology
  • paediatric minimally invasive (key hole) surgery
  • paediatric airway reconstruction and multi-organ transplants
  • paediatric cardiology and surgery


  • NH offers timely and accurate Histopathology and Cytopathology services to the various clinical specialities .Annually they receive about 6800 histology specimens, 1700 cytology specimens and 2800 cervical smears.
  • Report on tissue biopsies and resections from various sites including cancer biopsies and complex cancer resections
  • Neuropathology services
  • Perform and report on fine needle aspirations (FNAC) from various sites. 
  • Report on fluid cytology specimens and cervical smears.
  • They have a fairly large panel of immunohistochemical markers to assist in diagnosis, and also to carry out therapeutic and prognostic immunohistochemical tests. 
  • Various special histochemical stains when needed, are also carried out .


Problems for which Physiotherapy is required :

  • Joint Pain - Arthritis, bursitis, lupus, degenerative joints, poorly aligned joints, joint instability
  • Muscle Pain - Torn muscles, pulled/strained muscles, tight muscles, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, calf strain, pulled hamstring, groin strain, strained gluteals, abdominal strain
  • Soft Tissue Injuries - Tendinitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis), patellar tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, whiplash, back strain, neck strain, rotator cuff injuries, iliotibial band syndrome (ITB)
  • Joint Injuries - Joint sprains, dislocated joints, sprained ankle, sprained knee, sprained wrist, sprained elbow, degenerated meniscus, torn cartilage, unstable joints, joint hypermobility
  • Overuse Injuries - Carpal tunnel, repetitive stress syndrome, shin splints, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, tension headaches
  • Swelling and Edema - Lymphedema, swollen joints, edema, lymphatic congestion, chronic joint or muscle inflammation
  • Postural Problems - Poor posture, round shoulders, scapular instability, muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, poor muscle tone, hypotonia
  • Recovery from Surgery - Athletic injury surgery, reconstructive surgery, joint replacement surgery, meniscus repair, ligament surgery, tendon surgery, lymph node removal
  • Bruising - Bruising following injuries or surgery, contusions
  • Foot Pain - Plantar fasciitis, fallen arches


Psychological assessment
  • Neuropsychological / cognitive 
  • Memory
  • Intelligence (IQ)
  • Learning difficulty and disability
  • Personality 
  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Marital therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Counseling and coaching 


Following are the disorders  treated in Urology department
  • stone disease
  • birth defects
  •  infections
  •  tumors
  • obstruction of the urinary system
  •  prostate enlargement
  • infertility
  • erectile dysfunction
  •  urinary incontinence
  • kidney transplantation, etc. 
Diagnostic services :
  • Video Urodynamics for patients with neurological disorders and template prostate biopsy for patients with suspected prostate cancer who have had repeated negative prostate biopsies. 
  • Laparoscopic nephrectomy,Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy and Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for the treatment of kidney and prostate cancer. 

Plastic Surgery

  • Facelift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  •  Tummy Tuck 
  • Body Lift 


Anaesthesia & Critial Care

  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar Garg

    MBBS, DA, DNBAssociate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ritu Mittal

    MBBS, DA, IDCCJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Dhramchand Jain

    MBBS, MDClinical PsychologistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Bhawani Shankar Vijay

    MBBS, MDJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Madhuri Agrawal

    MBBS, DAJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Piyush Kumar Mittal

    MBBS,MD,FNB (Cardiac Anaesthesia )Associate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ravi Khandelwal

    DA, DNB, PDCC (Cardiac Anaesthesia )Associate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Arami Lal Dhakar

    MBBS, DAJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Neeraj Jain

    MDAssociate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar Goyal

    MBBS, MD (Anaesthesia), FNB (Cardiac Anaesthesia )Senior Consultant & HeadMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Shailendra Kumar Pareek

    MDAssociate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Hemesh Singhal

    MDAssociate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Minakshi Agrawal

    MDAssociate ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Upendra R. Singh

    MBBS, MD (Anesthesiology)Consultant - Anaesthesia & Critical CareMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ritu Bansal

    MBBS, DA (Anesthesiology)Junior Consultant - Critical CareMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Vivek Bhargav

    MBBS, MDConsultant - Critical CareMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Anamika Mehta

    MD, F.N.B.Visiting Consultant - Paediatric CardiologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Madhu Choudhary

    MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), Fellowship In Paediatric CardiologyVisiting Consultant - Paediatric CardiologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Prashant Mahawar

    MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), DNB (Paediatric Cardiology)Consultant - Paediatric CardiologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Alok Mathur

    MS, MChSenior Consultant - Cardiac SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. Ankit Mathur

    MS (General Surgery), MChConsultant - Cardiac SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. Saify Arsiwala

    DNB, MCh (Cardiac Surgery), MS, MBBSSenior Consultant - Cardiac SurgeryMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ashok Jain

    MD, DM CardiologyConsultant - CardiologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Devendra Shrimal

    MD, DM CardiologyConsultant - CardiologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Nikhil Choudhary

    MBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology)ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ram Chintlangiya

    D.MConsultant - CardiologyMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Amit Kotia

    MS, MChConsultant Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Harish Kaswan

    MS, M. ChConsultant Urology & Transplant ServicesMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Himanshu Pandey

    MCh (Urology), MS, MBBSJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. K. K. Sharma

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), MCh (Urology)Senior Consultant & Hod - Urology & Transplant
  • Dr. Surya Prakash Patidar

    MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), DM (Neurology)Consultant - NeurologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. K. K. Bansal

    MBBS, MS, MChConsultant - NeurosurgeryMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Saket Agarwal

    MBBS, MD, DMConsultant - GastroentrologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Saurabh Kalia

    MBBS, MD, DMVisiting Consultant - Sugical GastroenterologySurgeon
  • Dr. Amit Kumar Sanghi

    MBBS, MD, DMAssociate Consultant - GastroentrologyMedical Doctor

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Dr. Manju Goyal

    MBBS, DGOConsultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Rakhi Jain

    MBBS, MSVisiting Consultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Richa Choudhary

    MBBS, MSConsultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Shailesh Jain

    MBBS, DGO, DNBVisiting Consultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Mridul Gehlot

    MBBS, MS , WHO Fellowship In Gynae OncologyVisiting Consultant - Gynae Oncology
  • Dr. Usha Agarwal

    MBBS, MSConsultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Abha Gupta

    MBBS/MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)Visiting Consultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Hemlata Patidar

    DGO, MBBSVisiting Consultant - Obstetrics & GynaecologyMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Bharat Rajpurohit

    B.Sc., BPT, MPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Hemant

    BPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Neha

    PGDHM, MPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Sakshi Sharma

    MPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Vikas Mathur

    BPT, MPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Ambrish

    MPTPhysiotherapistMedical Doctor

General Surgery

  • Dr. Hemendra Sharma

    MBBS, MS (General Surgery)Visiting Consultant - General & Laparoscopie SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. J. M. Mehta

    MBBS, MSConsultant - General SurgerySurgeon

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Ms. Chhavi

    B.Sc., DDPHNDieticianMedical Doctor
  • Ms. Honey

    M.Sc. (Food & Science)Junior - DieticianMedical Doctor
  • Ms. Neha

    M.Sc. (Food & Science), B.Sc.Junior - DieticianMedical Doctor

Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. Alok Mathur

    MS, MChSenior Consultant - Cardiac SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. Ankit Mathur

    MS (General Surgery), MChConsultant - Cardiac SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. Saify Arsiwala

    DNB, MCh (Cardiac Surgery), MS, MBBSSenior Consultant - Cardiac SurgerySurgeon

Dermatology & Cosmetology

  • Dr. Dimple Kothari

    MBBS, DDVLVisiting ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. S. R. Shukla

    MD (Dermatology)Visiting Consultant - DermatologyMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Sachin Sharda

    MD (Dermatology)Visiting Consultant - DermatologyMedical Doctor

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Arun Agarwal

    MBBS, MDConsultant - Internal MedicineMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Ankur Sinha

    MD (Ophthamology) Consultant Medical Doctor
  • Dr. Vikas Gupta

    MS (Ophthalmology) Visiting Consultant Medical Doctor


  • Dr. Gourav Rajendra

    MBBS, DNB Visiting Consultant
  • Dr. A. S. Mathur

    Diploma In Psychological Medicine, MBBSVisiting Consultant Medical Doctor


  • Dr. Shubranshu

    MBBS, MD, DCCConsultant - PulmonologistMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Girish Gupta

    D. OrthoConsultant - OrthopedicsMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Lalit Sharma

    MS, Fellowship In Spine SurgeryConsultant - OrthopedicsMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Neeraj Agarwal

    MS (Orthopaedics), Fellowship In Joint Reconstruction SurgeryConsultant - OrthopedicsMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Saurabh Mathur

    MS, Fellowship In Sport MedicineConsultant - OrthopaedicsMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Jainendra Jain

    DNB/ DMRDConsultant - Radiologist
  • Dr. Pankaj Verma

    MBBS, DMRD, DNB (Radiology)Consultant - RadiologistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Swati Jain

    MBBS, MD RadiologyConsultant - RadiologistMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Vijay Sharma

    MBBS, MD RadiodaignosisConsultant - RadiologistMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Prem Prakash Patidar

    DM, MD, MBBSConsultant - EndocrinologyMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Raghav Mehta

    MBBS, MSConsultant
  • Dr. Rishabh Jain

    MBBS, MSVisiting Consultant - Ent
  • Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

    MBBS, MS (ENT)Consultant - EntMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Sheelbhadra Jain

    MBBS, MD, DMConsultant - NephrologyMedical Doctor


  • Dr. Amit Kotia

    MS, MChConsultant - Urology
  • Dr. Harish Kaswan

    MS, MChConsultant - Urology & Transplant Services
  • Dr. Himanshu Pandey

    MCh (Urology), MS, MBBSJunior ConsultantMedical Doctor
  • Dr. K. K. Sharma

    MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), MCh (Urology)Senior Consultant & Hod - Urology & TransplantMedical Doctor


  • Dr. A. K. Sharma

    MBBS, MS (General Surgery) , MCh MNAMSVisiting Consultant - Paediatric SurgerySurgeon
  • Dr. Prashant Mitharwal

    FIAP, FNB, MD, MBBSConsultant - PaediatricsMedical Doctor
  • Dr. Vijay Shankar Sharma

    MBBS, MDConsultant - NeonatologyMedical Doctor



  • Cardiac surgery expertise to treat adults and children with heart disease
  • 64 Slice cardiac CT
  • Highly skilled Joint, Spine, Arthroscopy and Hand surgeons
  • Comprehensive Neuro team; treats all trauma cases
  • 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • License to treat medico-legal cases
  • Antenatal and Postnatal classes for pregnant women
  • 16 bed dialysis unit
  • Experience to treat kidney stone, prostate and infertility in men
  • Free bus service
  • 24 hour pharmacy
  • Ambulance Services
  • ICU 
  • Blood Bank 
  • Laboratory Medicine 


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