Acne in Infants - Everything you Wanted to Know
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Acne in Infants

Dr.Surya Rao Poodipeddi profile Authored by Dr.Surya Rao Poodipeddi on 26 Jun 2014 - 16:58.

Acne is a common problem in newborns. Acne, commonly called pimples can show up anytime between two to eight weeks of age and last until the child is around six months. This is the period of worry for mothers who do not have a knowledge about infant acne.

Like in adults it resembles small whiteheads on the face and sometimes on the back. It is important to note that these pimples are different from little bumps called ‘MILIA’ which the baby might have had on her face when born. Milia usually go away with in two weeks.

Mothers should always look and watch for rash anywhere else on the body or if it is scaly, red and rashy, this is when she should start worrying and call for a doctor for the child could be heading for cradle capor eczema. These pimples in the child are caused by hormones which the child gets from the mother when in the womb and also through the breast milk in breastfed infants. Once the mother does away with breastfeeding the hormones are out of the child’s system and the acne will clear up.

It is probably best to just leave the pimples alone. Never indulge in applying topical ointments or rigorous washing which will only irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.  Believe it, the condition will be a distant memory in a very short span of time. Even a pediatrician probably won’t prescribe any treatment unless the pimples look severe enough to cause a scar. 

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