Quick Tips to Change Bad Breath to Good

Bad breath or Halitosis can be very embarrassing and difficult for those around you. It is often caused by bacteria in your mouth that causes inflammation and gives off noxious odors or gases that can be unbearable at times.

Some causes that may lead to bad-breath:


Lack of simple oral hygiene,


Eating certain foods ( eggs, garlic, onion, non-vegetarian food etc)


Any underlying conditions such as stomach problems, lung infections, kidney or liver diseases.


Prevention tips:

  • Stay hydrated: Drinking a lot of water can help cleaning harmful bacteria and debris from between your teeth. Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Cut down too much coffee: Consider herbal or green tea instead of coffee as it is strong smell and hard to get off the back of your tongue.
  • Oral Hygiene: Regular brushing of teeth after dinner, cleaning your mouth with mouth rinse especially after eating foods like garlic, onion, eggs, meat, etc.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco products: Cigarettes, pipes, and snuff can foul your breath. Smoking can make bad breath worse.
  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol leads to a dry mouth and drinking excess beer, wine, and hard liquor can lead to bad breath for several hours after drinking.
  • Chew gum (sugarless): This helps saliva flow after a meal. Gum that's 100% xylitol-sweetened can help reduce cavities and freshen the breath.
  • Health disorders: Go for a regular health-check-up, to address any underlying health conditions in time.



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