Weight Loss: Five Diet Facts, Good vs Bad

Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. Obesity and overweight are caused by energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories used. Positive changes in diet and exercise behavior are essential for sustained weight loss.

Overweight and obesity are measured by Body Mass Index (BMI) scale. According to WHO, a BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight; greater than or equal to 30 is obesity


A Low Down on the Healthy vs Unhealthy Diet and Lifestyle

Healthy Diet

Fats: Olive oil, rice bran oil, extra virgin coconut oil and omega 3 rich oils are preferred. Corn, sunflower, soya bean oil, sesame, olive, peanut and canola oils are healthy are healthy.


Calories: Eating fruit instead of juices, steamed or grilled foods, green salads and clear soups are healthy. Cut down on sugar. The key is to consume calories in moderation.


Proteins: Moderate protein foods (eggs, sprouts, lentils, nuts, chicken) with exercising can lead to weight loss. Consistent lifestyle correction is the way to weight loss.


Plant-based foods: Eat more of vegetables, fruits and lesser calories and more of physical activity is the healthy lifestyle modification for long-term weight loss.


Metabolism: Maintaining a good metabolic rate with moderate and healthy eating portions, including physical activity helps weight loss.

Unhealthy Diet

Transfats (Vanaspati or hydrogenated vegetable oils and margerine) must be avoided. Cut down on snacks such as biscuits, cakes and pastries, animal foods, butter, cream and full fat dairy products.


Calories: High concentration of sugar in soft drinks contributes to obesity. Avoid caloric sugary drinks (fruit juices) and colas, fast foods. Consuming more calories than you burn, increases weight.


Excessive protein intake (red meat, steak, beef, cheese etc) can cause weight gain, if not backed by exercises. Anything in excess is harmful.


Fat burners, "fad diets", dieting and pills for temporary weight loss is not a healthy long-term solution for weight loss.


Low metabolic rate (eating in excess and sedantary lifestyle) causes weight gain and other health problems.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle correction for a healthy life and not a punishment.



*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.

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