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Throat cancer 27-Apr-2017 09:54:04 none
Heart attack 26-Apr-2017 18:12:53 none
Hi doctor I'm feeling pain in knee and joints 07-Apr-2017 12:18:15 none
vpouvohv 06-Apr-2017 17:56:31 none
HI I'M GETTING PAIN IN LEGS 06-Apr-2017 15:59:56 none
Mesjasza. pierzchac Przestancie. General Medicine 29-Mar-2017 14:08:15 none
Gaffs 23-Mar-2017 18:59:02 none
Assess 23-Mar-2017 18:55:36 none
hi I have neck pain 22-Mar-2017 14:07:25 none
hi I have sevear pain in neck 18-Mar-2017 16:43:22 none
Santosh nemm 08-Mar-2017 12:34:52 none
sanwjje hsmsjjs 08-Mar-2017 12:34:29 none
Hi Doctor, I am Male 45. Current I am taking medications MACOX PLUS 600 mg, MACROZIDE 750 mg and ECOS.. Respiratory disorders 11-Aug-2016 12:44:05 3
Hi Doctor, I am 25 year old female. I was pregnant and got abortion on 30th July. My last period was.. Gynaecological conditions 11-Aug-2016 11:33:54 2
hell mam or sir my name is Anita das mera problm yeh hai ki mera period ka tim tha 30 july lekin aj date.. Gynaecological conditions 11-Aug-2016 11:27:59 2
in left leg knee and in left hand elbow joint I always feel some disturbane..while holding my mobile in.. Nervous system disorders 11-Aug-2016 11:02:39 3
i am under weighting &stmotch problem please help.. Digestive disorders 11-Aug-2016 10:24:08 2
Sir i am 18 years old so my question is that is masturabtion good or bad should i do it or stop.. Others 11-Aug-2016 09:32:15 2
I had symptoms such as loss in appetite, vomitting, dark urine, pale stool, inflammations in stomach and.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 11-Aug-2016 09:04:06 2
My husband's ast is 56 and alt is 74. Is that ok ?... General Medicine 11-Aug-2016 08:01:38 1
I am 17 years old and I have been observing some symptoms of UTI in me. I started my period today (10.. Genitourinary disorders 11-Aug-2016 02:58:35 2
,I am 26 years old..married one year back..having hypothyroidism for 4years n pcos ...I used ocp tablets.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 11-Aug-2016 00:33:28 2
I had my period one day and nomore but my stomach get to cramping bad I didn't took a test and my legs.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 11-Aug-2016 00:19:24 2
i am male 31. for the past 5 days i am suffering from extreme redness (like all the blood vessels have.. Others 11-Aug-2016 00:11:48 2
hello my brother is suffering with leukemia can u plz help me.. Neoplasms (cancer) 10-Aug-2016 23:55:25 3
Sir, recently my child has come across a urethroplasty surgery. He is just 9 months old. After surgery.. Paediatrics 10-Aug-2016 23:46:02 1
Hi Doctor yesterday when i am driving my bike home a firefly was hit me in m left eye i felt the Burn in.. 10-Aug-2016 23:21:54 none
my 2 years son got fever this evening around 4pm. i gave him a syrup named Crocin but now again he got.. 10-Aug-2016 23:14:11 none
My brother in law, 38 years old is suffering from severe pain in the back/waist area for over two years.. Orthopedics 10-Aug-2016 23:12:13 3
Male, 21, Suffering from painful, red rash in the groin. With frequent oozing of liquid from the groin.. Skin and subcutaneous disorders 10-Aug-2016 22:53:01 3
my psa is elevated to 27 and I am allergic to lot of medicines but I am having a tablet of tamsulosin.. Genitourinary disorders 10-Aug-2016 22:33:32 2
I am a 30 year old man. Recently there has been a sharp rise in hairfall both on body and head. Also.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 10-Aug-2016 22:14:30 2
I am a 30 year old man. off late I have been observing a steep rise in hairfall both on head and body... Skin and subcutaneous disorders 10-Aug-2016 22:11:06 1
I am female,17,i am using skin light cream from past 2 years . After 2 years my skin becomes red even.. 10-Aug-2016 20:12:11 none
I am using skin lite cream from past 2 years . After 2 years my skin and pimples becomes red and my skin.. 10-Aug-2016 20:06:33 none
My husband, 53, is suffering from viral fever. He had unbearable headache, As advised by the doctor, he.. ENT disorders 10-Aug-2016 18:58:11 1
dog after cut and first ofall.. 10-Aug-2016 18:47:03 none
HI long back that is 4 months back i got fever and suffered with that fever for 23 days.I consulted.. General Medicine 10-Aug-2016 18:28:42 1
Psychiatrist counselling required for family.. 10-Aug-2016 18:22:55 none
iam male 35 yrs i used to be very fair looking guy since from past 2yrs pimple like boils started to.. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders 10-Aug-2016 17:45:53 2
I am male, 24, i am suffering from upset stomach from past 2-3 weeks, i am not sure what is wrong.. Digestive disorders 10-Aug-2016 17:36:31 1
want to ask from gynic that my wife is going to have a baby and right now she is 9 month and one week,.. 10-Aug-2016 15:49:49 none
I had a urine test and it shows + for epithelial cell n pus cell 2-3/hpf. No rbc found.. what does this.. Genitourinary disorders 10-Aug-2016 14:01:14 2
My three year child have severe cough I have given amoxicillin syp 3 days and now giving clarithromycin.. 10-Aug-2016 13:44:51 none
Hi doc..need ur suggestions.. I want to make my wife pregnant and consulted the doctor also. They.. 10-Aug-2016 13:39:29 none
Spanish Gold Fly (for Women) how its work after take, is there any side effect,.. 10-Aug-2016 13:16:32 none
My mother is 50 years old and she has been suffering from stomach swelling(bloating) since a week.We.. 10-Aug-2016 12:41:27 none
Why My testicles and scrotum are very hot and how to make it.. 10-Aug-2016 12:27:20 none
i am 23 years old..when my penis is flaccid i can retract my foreskin fully behind the glans..but when.. 10-Aug-2016 12:18:38 none
Can I increase my height.Now I am 27. My height is 5'3 and I am male. This is very small. Pls help me.. General Medicine 10-Aug-2016 12:03:55 1