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Breast Implant/ Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant

Weight loss or child birth can result in small breasts in some women and in some, the breasts may be asymmetrical resulting low self-esteem that can be addressed with breast implant or breast augmentation surgery where the size of breast is increased by surgical insertion of breast implants.

Initial consultation with the surgeon will include a discussion about the size and type of implant to be used. Depending on patient’s goals and surgical feasibilities, the size of implant will be decided. Breast implant is a safe surgery where the women can feel happier with an improved self-esteem and there is no evidence suggesting breast implant induced breast cancer or other diseases.

Like any other surgical procedure, breast implant technology became more refined providing better surgical results and sometimes combined with breast lift for full satisfaction.

Traditional implants are round and work by adding volume to the breasts while the customized anatomical implants that are more difficult to insert (need a special training), are tear drop shaped, provide flatter upper curve and fuller lower curve to mimic youthful breasts by adding shape and volume through.

Fat grafting is also playing a major role in breast implant surgery where patients own fat taken through liposuction from tummy, thighs, buttocks etc; is used to add volume and enhance or re-shape the breasts. This is more natural method and can also be used to fill the defects post breast reconstruction, correcting asymmetry and sometimes is used along with silicone implants.

Done under general anesthesia, an incision is made under the breast in arm pit or areola or along natural crease and the implant is inserted into a pocket created under the muscle tissue behind the breast or under the breast tissue itself.

The person can go home next day but must wear a dressing or support bra for some time. Even though most women can go back to work in a week and resume their normal activities within 2-3 weeks, it is advisable to stay away from vigorous exercises and lifting heavy objects.

Like in any surgery, post-surgical complications are common that include pain, swelling, visible scars, infection and temporary or permanent change in breast of nipple sensation.

Rarely, there may be pain and change in texture and shape of breast due to capsular contracture from contraction of the tissue surrounding the implant. When saline filled implants are used, there is impaired early cancer detection on mammography because of the implants.