On September 30, 2015 DesiMD Healthcare conducted a Health Camp at Angaluru village in the Gudlavalleru Mandal of Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, to adopt the village for a year-long health services at free of cost.

About Angaluru Village:

In an endeavour to promote rural health in India, DesiMD Healthcare has adopted Angaluru village as a pilot project, to provide basic healthcare services with continuous monitoring of health for a year. The project is funded by Amar Sai Trust in association with DesiMD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Angaluru village in Gudlavalleru Mandal, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, is far from access to medical help. A population of over 4000 villagers, Angaluru inhabitants are challenged by various health disorders from diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and other health problems.

Health Camp:

On September 30, 2015 DesiMD Healthcare conducted a Health Camp at Angaluru village, to initiate the project.

The health camp was conducted (in the presence of Dhana Koteshwar Rao President of Angaluru village and Suresh Tripuraneni, Vice President of Angaluru, along with Mr Rajababu, Saibaba temple donor) at the Saibaba Temple Trust. It was attended by over a 100 residents who had a free doctor consultation and got their vital health parameters checked at the camp.

Further, DesiMD doctor has been in touch with the villagers over phone and checking on their health, based on their PHRs created online. DesiMD has also been receiving calls from the residents to discuss their health problems with our primary doctor for necessary medical advice and assistance.

Village Adoption Project Objectives:

  • Provide convenience-based healthcare services
  • Facilitate access to primary care doctor 24/7 via phone - 040-4242-8282
  • Monitor health of villagers continuously by DesiMD doctor
  • Create and enable online access to Personal Health Records (PHR)
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Angaluru Demographics

To Reach Angaluru:

  • Airports near Angaluru - Vijayawada Airport, 32 km away
  • Railway station connecting Angaluru: Vijayawada Junction - 51 km near
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Villagers said they are very happy, as this service does not end with the health camp, but will continue for a year with continuous monitoring of their health by DesiMD's primary care doctor. The elderly residents are happy that the doctor is just a call away and they need not take the trouble of visiting a doctor when unwell.
Shanti Chittama a 70 year old woman said, "I am very happy that this service is being given to us by DesiMD as we cannot go to a doctor by ourselves, as our children live away from Angaluru. To access a doctor from our homes by just a phone call is a blessing."