Sanjeevapuram, a Panchayat (with a group of villages under it) near Gopalapuram, in W.Godavari district has been chosen by DesiMD to provide free healthcare services for one year, starting January 28, 2016. DesiMD has associated itself with veteran film star and MP (Member of Parliament), Murali Mohan, who has adopted Sanjeevapuram village for development, to offer health care services.

About Sanjeevapuram Village :

Sanjeevapuram village is the second village adopted to promote healthcare services in the remote village, with about 2,500 people living in about four to five hamlets. The connectivity to this village from the nearest town is limited and about 70 households in this village are deprived of the basic electric power supply. Also, health-wise the residents are challenged with several medical conditions like high blood pressure, poor eye sight, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and lifestyle related disorders.

Health Camp:

DesiMD conducted a healthcamp on Jan 28, 2016 at the Sarpanch office, which was participated by more than 75 residents, seeking healthcare services. DesiMD doctors along with staff nurses conducted the health camp where in, the following services were offered:

Services Offered to Sanjeevapuram Panchayat residents:

  • Free of cost doctor consultation (for one year)
  • Vital parameters check
  • Treatment advice if any and
  • Create online Personal Health Record (PHR) on for future reference and health advice.

DesiMD Healthcare will continue to monitor the health status of the residents by taking a brief health profile of the individuals in each household and provide treatment advice through DesiMD's primary doctor throughout the year.

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Sanjeevapuram Demographics

To Reach Sanjeevapuram:

  • By Road – Kovvur (nearest town) is 38 km from Sanjeevapuram
  • By Rail – Kovvur, nearest railway station
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Villagers said they are very happy, as this service does not end with the health camp, but will continue for a year with continuous monitoring of their health by DesiMD's primary care doctor. The elderly residents are happy that the doctor is just a call away and they need not take the trouble of visiting a doctor when unwell.