10 best IVF centers in Jaipur Rajasthan

Every year, an increasing number of married couples face the problem of being unable to conceive a child. That is why the field of reproductive medicine is very popular – the best specialists of clinics in various countries are engaged in the study of infertility, its causes, as well as the development of methods for its cure. There are also a large number of medical centers in India that specialize in the treatment of infertility. In recent years, Indian medicine has achieved quite significant results in this area, so a large number of patients from different countries visit clinics with the main goal of finding out the cause of infertility and getting an effective cure.

Medical centers in India that treat infertility

Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai

Reproductive medicine is one of the most popular and developed areas in this medical institution. Only qualified and experienced specialists who have been educated in the best educational institutions practice in the clinic. Doctors are engaged in improving their knowledge and skills throughout their professional activities. They are also engaged in scientific activities, develop effective methods of treating various diseases. Every year, the institution visits a large number of patients (both men and women) to undergo diagnostics, as well as to identify the cause of the absence of pregnancy. Doctors of this Indian clinic successfully struggle with infertility problems.

Examinations in the clinic are carried out in both men and women in order to see the whole picture of the problem. Doctors are required to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and a thorough examination of each patient. At the disposal of the doctors of the medical center is a new generation of medical equipment that allows you to determine the cause of infertility with high accuracy – ultrasound scanners, X-ray machines, laparoscopes, etc. Also, if necessary, doctors conduct organ biopsies, smear studies. Due to the fact that all the necessary studies of biological samples are carried out in laboratories that work at the clinic, the results can be found out in the shortest possible time.

Based on the data obtained after diagnostic procedures, a team of doctors is developing a program for the cure of infertility. In most cases, after treatment of the disease that prevented the onset of pregnancy, it is possible to achieve the desired result. Also, specialists of the Malpani Infertility Clinic own all modern and well-proven methods of reproductive medicine, thanks to which it is possible to help couples who want to get pregnant. The procedure of intracytoplasmic sperm injection is carried out in a medical institution. This method is one of the most productive in reproductive medicine (an improved version of the in vitro fertilization procedure), it promotes the conception of a child by couples who have had serious difficulties.

The main essence of this technique is that specialists introduce a sperm into a mature egg. Manipulation is performed using special equipment, instruments and high-precision microscopes. After the specialists have made sure that the egg is fertilized, it is placed in the fallopian tubes or uterus of the patient. The effectiveness of this procedure is quite high.

Doctors of the clinic and the procedure of artificial insemination are carried out. Doctors carry out this procedure with minimal interventions. The essence of the procedure is that the doctor inserts specially prepared partner’s sperm into the uterine cavity (the most active spermatozoa are selected by doctors). Such manipulation is the closest to natural fertilization.

Another modern and effective method of treatment is in vitro fertilization, which means assisted reproductive technology. This procedure is indicated for infertility, its effectiveness is also quite high. During this manipulation, I extract an egg from the patient, which is fertilized in the laboratory, after which fertilization is carried out for about 2-5 days. For further development, the embryo is again inserted into the uterus.

Each patient of the clinic is provided with round-the-clock care, which allows you to monitor the treatment process and, if necessary, provide the necessary assistance. Each client feels in the most cozy atmosphere, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the clinic’s specialists, as well as comfortable accommodation in cozy wards.

Fortis Medical Center

The clinic is one of the largest in all of India, belongs to the eponymous network of medical institutions. There are 56 specialized centers operating on the basis of the network, which have eight thousand inpatient beds. Doctors working in the clinic specialize in various areas of modern medicine (there are more than five thousand of them in the clinic). Treatment of a wide range of diseases in the medical center is carried out using modern achievements of medicine (therapy is carried out medicamentally or surgically). Every year, qualified surgeons perform more than 50 thousand successful operations in the clinic.

The Infertility Treatment Department works on the meringue of a medical institution, which provides qualified assistance to both men and women who are faced with this problem. The clinic has all the necessary equipment that allows for a full-fledged diagnosis for every patient in need. Women who have not been able to get pregnant for a long time, conduct a full gynecological examination, take swabs for the presence of various diseases. The biological materials taken are sent to laboratories equipped with modern equipment for further research. With the help of an ultrasound machine, the organs of the female reproductive system are examined for the presence of various anomalies that prevent pregnancy. The clinic has equipment that allows for a thorough examination of each woman, and to identify the main cause of infertility.

A comprehensive examination is also carried out for men who suffer from infertility, diagnostics is carried out using advanced equipment, and spermatozoa are also examined for their activity, quantity and vital activity. Based on the data obtained, doctors select an individual type of therapy for each patient.

Doctors use only the most effective types of infertility treatment, possess methods of curing gynecological diseases that can hinder conception. If necessary, specialists perform surgical interventions that are aimed at eliminating congenital or acquired defects in the development of the organs of the reproductive system.

In some cases, in the treatment of infertility, only methods of drug therapy (in particular, hormone therapy) are used, which allow to normalize the functioning of the female body (menstrual cycle, ovulation, etc.). Physiotherapy techniques (gynecological massages, amplipulstherapy, etc.) are also used, which improve the vital activity, productivity and quality of the egg and sperm.

Doctors also actively use the technique of in vitro fertilization (both from donor sperm and from partner sperm). In most cases, after carrying out this kind of manipulation, it is possible to achieve good results.

The main advantages of infertility treatment in this medical center:

  • The availability of high-tech equipment that allows you to accurately identify the cause of infertility, make the right diagnosis and develop a therapy program.
  • High qualification of specialists, which is ensured by timely attestations, scientific activities, as well as participation in specialized conferences.
  • All actions of doctors are carried out in accordance with the norms and standards of the International Health Organization.
  • In practice, only techniques that are particularly effective and safe are used.

Great attention is paid in the medical institution to the placement of patients – clients are offered comfortable wards equipped with a personal sanitary unit, as well as all other necessary communications.

CRAFT Infertility Treatment Medical Center, Kodungaller City

Kerala has one of the most well-known specialized centers for infertility treatment in India. The doctors who work there are actively engaged in research activities. The medical institution is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment produced by the best foreign companies. Due to this, patients are provided with the highest quality and safest medical services.

The best doctors of the clinic diagnose the cause of infertility in couples with high accuracy, which makes it possible to prescribe an optimal therapy program for each. Specialists use only those methods of treatment that are safe for the body and as effective as possible. Thanks to the successful activity of the medical center, a large number of patients from different countries of the world were successfully cured of infertility and became parents (more than 26 thousand).

Qualified specialists of the clinic carry out a mandatory comprehensive examination of each patient, based on the results obtained after it, a group of specialists develops an individual treatment program. Doctors carry out both drug therapy and surgical treatment, the choice depends on the individual indicators of the client of the medical center.

The main specializations of the CRAFT Clinic:

  • Reproductive medicine – the doctors of the center know all the techniques in this field, actively carry out in vitro fertilization, the effectiveness of which is quite high. All procedures are carried out strictly in sterile laboratory conditions. Doctors also specialize in carrying out the procedure of intrauterine insemination, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, auxiliary embryo hatching, transfer of father’s leukocytes and many others.
  • Gynecology and obstetrics. The clinic treats various diseases that affect the organs of the female reproductive system and prevent conception. Doctors also provide maternity services.
  • Urology and andrology. They are engaged in the medical institution and treatment of diseases affecting the organs of the male genitourinary system, as well as pathologies in the development of the genitals, erectile dysfunction, etc., which can lead to infertility. They specialize in the center in carrying out biochemical analysis of sperm, etc.
  • Clinical embryology, which is based on the study of the laws of embryo development.
  • Fetal medicine – doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases that affect the fetus during intrauterine development, are engaged in monitoring it to prevent any pathologies in development.
  • Clinical genetics and HDPE. Thanks to the development of this field of medicine, doctors have the opportunity to identify hereditary diseases at an early stage of development and develop effective methods to combat them.

Achievements of this medical center:

  • The clinic is the first in India to receive an international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000.
  • The specialists of the center were among the first to actively apply the technique of microdissection extraction of spermatozoa from the tissues that are in the ovaries.
  • The clinic uses a unique technology called TESA-ICSI.
  • For the first time in India, the clinic began to use the technique of intrauterine insemination.
  • In 2003, the clinic performed embryo freezing for the first time.

Thanks to the collective activity of the clinic’s medical staff, as well as the availability of advanced technologies, in most cases it is possible to achieve successful results in the fight against infertility and help couples become parents.

10 best IVF centers in Jaipur Rajasthan

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