2019 worlds breast feeding week at thanawala maternity home Vashi Navi Mumbai

From August 1-7, the World Breastfeeding Week is being held on the initiative of WHO (World Health Organization). From year to year, the organization’s activities are aimed at protecting, encouraging and supporting breastfeeding. The goal is to inform women as much as possible about the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of not only the child, but also the mother.

How long should I breastfeed?

WHO recommends breastfeeding a baby for at least two years. Why is it taking so long? The immune, nervous and enzymatic systems of the baby are formed in about a year and it takes two or three years for them to get stronger and come to stability. Therefore, prolonged breastfeeding is the best contribution to the qualitative and full-fledged development of your child.

Many mothers worry that with the onset of lactation crises, milk becomes scarce. How to increase the amount of milk in this case? Below we will share life hacks that will help you keep breastfeeding as long as possible.

Full sleep

If the newly-made mother chronically lacks sleep, while loading herself with household chores, instead of taking a nap with the baby, this irreversibly leads to a decrease in milk production. It is important to compensate for night awakenings with daytime sleep. Only in a dream the body can restore balance. The world will not collapse if you postpone the cleaning to another day.

Strengthen the connection with the baby and loved ones

Oxytocin is the hormone of childbirth, orgasm, hugs, kisses and breast milk. In order for lactation to be stable, hug the baby more often, wear it on the handles, sniff the top of the head. During breastfeeding, maintain eye and skin-to-skin contact. Do not scroll through the Instagram feed, do not be distracted from the crumbs by talking on the phone. Do not forget about the older children and her husband. They also need tenderness and hugs.

Quality food

Sitting on a strict diet during breastfeeding is contraindicated. We understand the motivation of a mother who wants to return to prenatal form as soon as possible, but do not forget that it is the quality of nutrition that forms the basis of breastfeeding. It happens that an exhausted woman simply does not have time to eat. Do not hesitate to ask for the help of loved ones. While the baby is under the supervision of assistants, take time for yourself. A nursing mother needs a varied, tasty and full-fledged diet.

Drink a norm of water

In order for enough milk to be released and the body to work like clockwork, you need to remember to drink a norm of water. Since ancient times, young mothers have been advised to drink tea with condensed milk so that more milk comes. Times have changed, but mothers still teach their daughters this wisdom. It is a well-known fact that condensed milk is a lot of sugar + casein, which causes a revolution and severe pains in a small tummy. In the first month, it is enough to drink water, and later add herbal teas to the drink that stimulate lactation.

Demand = supply

Breast milk always comes based on the needs of the child: how much he ate, so much came back. It is necessary to apply the baby to the breast at any requirement. Frequent use of a breast pump reduces milk production, no matter how perfect the device is. How to understand that there is not enough milk? By the number of urinations per day (at least 10 times). It is a mistake to believe that crying after feeding necessarily confirms the fact that the child has not eaten. There can be many reasons for discontent.


There are many known nutraceuticals, elixirs, supplements that stimulate milk production. For example, Lactivist from the brand Legendairy Milk based on torbangun. It does not contain alcohol, it is convenient to use (it is typed into a pipette). It is advisable to drink any supplement to stimulate breast milk strictly after consulting with a specialist.

No stress

When stress breaks into your life, the protective reactions of the body are activated. Physiologically, lactation takes a back seat and the amount of breast milk decreases. This is a defense mechanism: first to be saved, and only then to think about what to feed the offspring. To get enough milk, maintain a safe and relaxed atmosphere in the house. Use body relaxation techniques, scream into a pillow to discharge, take a bath or a warm shower.

Don’t forget about night feeding

At night, from about three to six in the morning, an important hormone is produced — prolactin. The production of breast milk depends on its level. Also, night feeding helps to avoid stagnation of milk in the breast.
Feel free to feed your baby in public

This is the beauty of breastfeeding — the baby’s food is always with him. When you go for a walk, to a museum, to events, to a shopping mall, use a diaper or special clothes to feed the baby on demand.

2019 worlds breast feeding week at thanawala maternity home Vashi Navi Mumbai

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