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What is DesiMD?

  • www.DesiMD.com is an online healthcare facilitation services portal connecting patients with doctors and hospitals.
  • Customers of www.DesiMD.com can avail various services through following products:
    • Suraksha Priority Card: This is an online healthcare advisory service available anywhere, anytime (24X7); DesiMD’s primary care doctor can be easily reached over telephone, at your convenience.
    • Preventive Health Checkups: Helps you pick up the right health checkup package from a listing of several packages, offered by various hospitals or diagnostic centres across India.

What illness can I call for?

  • You can call us for advice on any non-emergency based medical issues and our doctor would be happy to assist you.
  • DesiMD has a clear framework for handling about 485 ailments.

Can a subscriber use ‘Suraksha Priority Card’ in case of emergency?

  • The services are designed for non-emergency conditions only. For emergency conditions, we recommend immediate follow up and not tele-consultation or advice. Emergency conditions include:
    • Severe chest pain
    • Chest pain with shortness of breath
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Injury with loss of consciousness
    • Bleeding that won’t stop
    • Sudden onset of weakness or numbness
    • Sudden change in speech or abnormal behaviour
    • Fever with neck stiffness and/ or purple/ blood colored rash
    • Severe abdominal pain
    • Worst headache of your life, etc.

Will the doctor understand me?

  • DesiMD’s doctors’ team is led by seasoned medical professionals with clinical experience in India and overseas (USA and Canada).
  • All the doctors in the team are exposed to a rigorous training programme by doctors in clinical practice in India and globally.
  • DesiMD is a member of ‘American Telemedicine Association’ and follows the standards as suggested.

How will I get the medicines, I need?

  • Based on the response or sharing of your medical issue over the telephone, DesiMD doctors will diagnose the medical condition and then educate/ suggest the available treatment options to address the medical condition.
  • Based on the need, DesiMD doctors will prescribe the most appropriate, over-the- counter drug, the details of the same will be sent across to you by e-mail.

How do I know it’s a real doctor?

  • DesiMD follows a thorough assessment process in selection of doctors to be a part of the consultation team. All the doctors are registered members with Medical Council of India.
  • The doctors’ profiles will be accessible to all on www.DesiMD.com and every call will be recorded along with the doctors and customer/ patients’ identity.

How long can I talk to the doctor?

  • DesiMD’s doctors would be happy to assist you talking till you are clear and have an answer to your medical problems.

What happens when I call?

  • Mention your ‘Suraksha Card’ number when you call (or) Keep the Suraksha Card ready before you call.
  • As soon as you call us, you will be directed to the doctors team, if you are looking for a tele-consultation service.
  • Always make a note of the medical conditions you would like to discuss with the doctor prior to making the call, so that you are highly organized and can communicate to the doctor clearly.

I already have health insurance? How different is it?

  • A Medical Insurance covers the costs of hospitalization and would minimize your financial costs on the event of hospitalization for a medical treatment but impacts your working schedule.
  • Through Suraksha Priority Card service:
    • You can access our doctor anytime, anywhere and get a right medical advice along with the treatment options to your convenience, before the same blows up to a major medical emergency requiring you to hold on all your primary activities.
    • You can reach our doctors anytime, anywhere over telephone. Even if you’re at your work or travelling or it is middle of the night, you can get your medical needs attended by a qualified doctor, who can understand your issue over telephone.
    • Your medical history would be saved to your account on www.desimd.com and the doctor on the call can quickly understand your medical needs based on your history and can link up the treatment options quickly.

How can you treat a patient online/over telephone?

  • Doctors on desimd panel have access to medical history of the patient as soon as one subscribes for ‘Suraksha Priority Card’.
  • When a patient contacts us, medical record or history of the patient/ subscriber is made available to the doctor and then the doctor consults the patient from a primary care point of view.
  • At the end of the consultation process, the doctor does a differential diagnosis and might suggest some diagnostic tests to support or to verify his conclusions.
  • If it is required, he will suggest:
    • Some over-the-counter drugs to initiate the treatment or
    • Refer to a specialist for a secondary or tertiary care services.

In case, if referred/ suggested for a specialist/ hospital, why should I pay to them again?

  • The services offered by Suraksha Priority Card are only for primary care services over telephone from DesiMD and does not include the tele-consultation services of a specialist doctor.
  • Additionally, it is most required to see a doctor in person for a certain condition, which may need secondary or tertiary care services/ interventions at the respective centres. In such scenarios, the payment for the services at the respective centres must be paid.

What is the mode of payment to obtain Suraksha Priority Card?

  • Buy Suraksha Card online through our portal: www.desimd.com
  • Following are the payment options available:
    • Pay online through our portal: www.desimd.com
    • Send us a cheque favouring, ‘DesiMD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad’
    • Deposit to our bank account.
    • For enquiries call us @ +91 40 4242 8282/write to us at: info@ www.desimd.com

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