When Is the Right Time to Exercise Post Delivery?

When Is the Right Time to Exercise Post Delivery?

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Doctors often recommend six weeks as the minimum length of time for women to wait after delivery before resuming their exercise routines. However, in many cases, women who went through uncomplicated deliveries may safely begin doing light exercise like walking and stretching within days of giving birth.

Consult a Doctor: If you had a C-section, check with your doctor first and expect to wait until the incision heals before beginning a gym routine. However, walking at an easy pace after surgery is encouraged, because it promotes healing, prevents blood clots and other complications.Whether your labor was natural or surgical, the body undergoes a huge transformation during delivery. Consult with your doctor about the best waiting period for you, given your overall fitness and the relative ease of your delivery.


As a new mother, the first thing to take into consideration while considering a fitness routine is to be realistic and patient. You must set your initial gymming goals fairly low.

  • Consider starting off with light walking and gentle stretching within several days of giving birth.
  • After about a week or so, you might be able to walk on a treadmill at a moderate to slow pace for about a half hour.
  • As you regain strength, build up the intensity of the walks or increase their duration.
  • While at your gym, you may try joining low-impact group classes, but resist the urge to push yourself beyond your comfort zone as your joints and ligaments will be looser than usual following birth, which could lead to potential falls from diminished coordination.
  • Wait for three to five months before engaging in vigorous or high-impact exercise.
  • Workout at the gym is good for you, but don't overdo it as your body needs time to heal.
  • Including a few moments to simply relax post-workout can really help replenish you.