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Privacy Policy

DesiMD recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of its users. We do not unless authorized, give, share, sell, rent or transfer personal information to any third party. Full consent by the user in this regard are laid down and agreed upon in encumbrance with the requirements, conditions and stipulations of DesiMD or as required to do so by law.

This Privacy Policy applies to web sites that are the sole proprietary and operated by DesiMD. The website’s intention is for use by users and not for any commercial, family or household purposes that includes, DesiMD, etc., or any other electronic enabled version of these sites collectively referred to as the “DesiMD Web Sites”. The Privacy Policy mentioned also applies to the user friendly version of DesiMD Health Magazine. Excepting in those places where statements in this Privacy details with respect to DesiMD Web Sites also apply to the DesiMD electronic device applications including any of the mobile device applications for iPhone, iPad or those operating under the Android operating system.

References to DesiMD means DesiMD Healthcare Pvt.Ltd, including any company /subsidiary that DesiMD Healthcare Pvt.Ltd., owns. DesiMD may share information among its subsidiaries or web sites that it owns or controls, but information collected under this Privacy Policy is always protected under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Please be aware, however, that when you visit our website, we may collect two kinds of information to serve you better:

  • Firstly, one that provides the following information- the Internet Address of your computer or network; the date, time and page you visited; the details of your browser and operating system; and the last page you visited. We use this information for measuring the performance of our server, analyze the traffic generated to specific pages, safeguard our privacy and security and improve the content of our website.
  • Secondly, the personal information that you provide us with when filling up various forms, when choosing to register or avail our services. Once you register, DesiMD shall collect the necessary points to create an account and verify your identity. The personal identifying information may include, for example, account user name, password, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and account number. The Information you provide us with may be shared internally for the enhancement of our website only.

Blogs and Public Forums

DesiMD portal features public forums and discussion groups where registered users with similar opinions or medical conditions can discuss, share and support one another. The forum also serves as a platform for experts to air their opinion and suggestions on various health care issues. The discussions in these forums will be moderated, open to public opinion and therefore should in no matter be considered private and secret.

Any information (including the Personal Information) you share in any of our chat rooms or Ask an Expert posting, or the online discussion which is open to the public, should in no way be considered private. You should weigh your options carefully before posting any personal or private information, as what you share is visible, shared or disseminated by third parties to be used in ways that we in no way can control or predict. Those results may also show up in search engines. If this is deemed disagreeable to you and for some reason would like it to be removed then write to us on the links mentioned in the contact us section, visible on every page of DesiMD. There may be instances when we may only be able to remove the information partially.

Emails You Send to DesiMD

DesiMD Privacy Policy does not apply to information, content, business information, ideas, concepts or inventions that you send to DesiMD by email. If you want to keep your privacy, desist from sending the same in an email to DesiMD. DesiMD may also make use of “cookies,” in your computer to facilitate ease of access and time when you visit our website again. The cookies will in no way track your personal information. We at DesiMD strongly discourage the posting of your personally identifiable health information on any of our blogs or forums.